MCJROTC Information

  • Marine Corps Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps, MCJROTC, is a WVHS elective structured to teach leadership traits and principles to develop young men and women into leaders, supervisors, and role models. MCJROTC is a uniformed, military structured environment where cadet leaders train and supervise younger cadets under the supervision of retired US Marine Officers and SNCOs.

    While there is not an obligation to join the military by participating in MCJROTC all cadets benefit from the leadership traits and principles. These leadership traits and principles are practiced and applied on a daily basis in all classrooms and activities. Cadets are expected to set the example and to exceed school standards. Those cadets that demonstrate the desire to lead are rewarded with positions of responsibility and supervision.

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Contact Information


    SSgt. Travis Walker, USMC (Ret.)
    Marine Instructor, MCJROTC, West Valley High School

    MCJROTC Office
    (907) 479-4221 Ext. 46138

Activities Principal (coordinator)