Learning Options

  • Students and families have three learning options:

    Next Steps:

    • By default, your child(ren) will be enrolled in the In-Person Instruction option.
    • If you want to choose the eLearning option, contact your attendance area school.
    • If you want to choose homeschool, contact Fairbanks BEST. 
    • If your child is enrolled in a charter school, please contact the school directly.


  • Students stay enrolled in their current school.

    Students learn from home on their own schedule.

    eLearning teacher provides online instruction and assignments for students. eLearning teachers provide feedback on assignments and assessments for students.

    Instruction delivered through a variety of asynchronous options. FNSBSD eLearning teachers provide opportunities to connect with students where students can receive 1:1 or small group tutoring as needed. You can view available course lists for high school students here and course lists for middle school students here

    Students have access to support services and extracurricular activities hosted by their attendance area school.

    Information on eLearning can be found by clicking the link above. 

BEST Homeschool

  • Students withdraw from their school, register with Fairbanks BEST.

    Parents/caregivers plan and deliver instruction and assessment.

    Guidance provided to parents from Fairbanks BEST specialist.

    BEST students have access to some district support services.

    Students do have access to extracurricular activities hosted by their attendance area school.

    Meals are not provided.

    Students may remain with BEST for the rest of the year, or choose eLearning or In Person learning if the family is comfortable.

Last Modified on August 25, 2021