Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Donna Cole, Alaska Room Coordinator

Hi, I’m Donna Cole, the Alaska Room Cultural Coordinator. I’ve been at this job since the fall of 2013, prior to that I worked as an RTI assistant, math and reading tutor, and a graduation specialist with the District.  This year I am happy to have the opportunity to work with Ms. Swift and your student.


I was born and raised in Alaska.  First residing in Circle City, then Fairbanks, and then Manley Hot Springs as a youngster.  Manley Hot Springs is the place, in my heart, that I call my hometown, although I and my husband and our two youngest currently live in the hills outside of Fairbanks. 


My mother’s name is Vera Strack, and my father was Bill Strack.  They are/were both very hard-working people, who taught me to work hard and to be innovative and independent.  My mother especially loved gathering from the land and taught all seven of us children how to manage ourselves in the wild.  I, in turn, have hopefully passed enough of those skills and values on to my own four children.