• Purchasing Guidelines

    All purchases must be justified within the Individual Learning Plan and be an economical use of district funds.

    Purchase Requests must follow these steps:

    • •Discuss the purchase with your education specialist to assure it is appropriate.
    • •Complete an order form.
    • •Forward the order form to the education specialist at the BEST office.

    Reimbursement for Lessons or Courses must follow these steps:

    • •Discuss the purchase with your education specialist to assure it is appropriate.
    • •Purchase the service(s) or course(s) with your own money or get approval for a Purchase Order.
    • •Keep your receipts until they total a minimum amount of $75.00 for submission to request reimbursement.
    • •Attach the original receipt(s) to the Reimbursement Request Form and submit it to the education specialist.

    Supplies/Materials Covered:

    BEST can pay for a wide range of curricular supplies that are educational and complement the student’s goals and Individual Learning Plan. Curricular materials may include textbooks, workbooks, CDs or DVDs of an educational nature, art materials, science kits, general and consumable school supplies, online courses, college courses, community-based learning opportunities, performing arts experiences, computer games of an educational nature, and other materials or resources that meet the student’s needs.

    Supplies/ Materials Not Covered:

    BEST cannot purchase or reimburse for any faith-based curriculum. If you are uncertain as to whether something may or may not be covered, you are strongly encouraged to consult your education specialist prior to purchasing.

    Computer Reimbursement:

    Students can purchase their own technology equipment and receive reimbursement from BEST for up to $499 per student. This technology reimbursement can be used for computers, printers, digital cameras, or other computer equipment with the approval of the education specialist. It is understood that students who purchase computer equipment will own that equipment and assume responsibility for maintaining it. Funds will come out of student allotment.

    Internet Access:

    BEST will reimburse for monthly internet costs while a student is enrolled with BEST. Parents are responsible for finding an internet provider and maintaining connectivity. Funds will come out of student allotment.