Social Emotional Learning and Prevention Teams

  • The district's Social and Emotional Learning and Prevention Services teams (SELP) work collaboratively with the school, family, and community stakeholders to design and deliver customized student prevention and intervention support. The primary purpose of this team is to prioritize social and emotional learning, school climate, equity and inclusion, trauma-informed practices, and student empowerment. The primary goal is that all students develop the knowledge, skills, and social and emotional intelligence needed to achieve personal success in continuing education, career, and community.

Social Services Manager

  • Social Services Managers (SSM) promote stability and success through partnerships with educators, families, students, and communities. We collaborate with schools and families to identify the students' needs, develop strategic interventions and implement plans to enhance social-emotional wellbeing and improve academic performance. 

School Counselors

  • The mission of the FNSBSD Comprehensive School Counseling Program is to advocate and provide support for maximum student achievement in the areas of academic, career, and personal/social growth. School counselors work with parents, educators, and the community to provide developmentally appropriate and comprehensive services that meet the needs of all students in order for them to become productive members of an ever-changing global society.



Student Behavior Support Technicians

  • Student Behavior Support Technicians (SBST) develop positive relationships with school staff and families while monitoring and mentoring at-risk students. SBSTs may facilitate the presentation of social skills, anger management, and conflict resolution to individuals, small groups, and in classrooms. SBSTs are critical to modeling social and emotional learning skills and are an integral part of school-wide behavior/intervention programs.

School Safety Assistants

  • The School Safety Assistant’s (SSA) primary duty is to monitor and maintain discipline among students in and around the school campus. School Safety Assistants are critical in building a positive school culture and role modeling healthy social and emotional learning skills for students and adults.  School Safety Assistants ensure and maintain the security and safety of building, staff, students, and other personnel to ensure learning environments are safe for everyone.  

Prevention Intervention Specialist

  • The Prevention & Intervention Specialist (PIS) assists building level and district administration with implementing K-12 substance abuse, behavior management, and violence prevention/intervention, suicide intervention/prevention programs for the district. Specialists manage the daily operation of the Positive Alternative to School Suspension (PASS) and communicate and assist in supporting the Students Making A Right Turn (SMART) alternative program for suspended and/or expelled students.

    Prevention Intervention Specialists conduct and facilitate school-wide K-12 suicide intervention/prevention education activities, collaborate and coordinate student suicide intervention/prevention education opportunities with other district and program staff.

    Prevention Intervention Specialists provide training to school staff in areas related to chemical dependency, violence prevention, and social service interventions; assists in planning and organizing professional development opportunities in collaboration with building administration. Prevention Intervention Specialists coordinate the student identification process for intervention programs with school administrators, counselors, social service managers, and other appropriate school-based staff.


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