• Distance Delivery Platforms by Teacher

    As we begin our adventures in online/distance learning we want to be certain that all students and families have information on how to access lessons and materials for our many teachers and classes. To that end we have created this document, so that you have a one-stop location to find all the links you need to begin accessing class materials. Please let us know if you have ideas to make this process more streamlined for our families by emailing Teresa.Lesage@k12northstar.org

    Find Teacher information listed alphabetically here.

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.


  • Mr. Spilinek



Career and Technical Education


English/Language Arts

  • Mr. Heaney

  • Mrs. Hollett

  • Ms. Alexander

  • Ms. Christensen (Ms. H-C)

  • Ms. Dustin-Demientieff

  • Ms. Geuea

  • Ms. McFetridge

  • Ms. Sartin

Health and PE

  • Mr. Hollett

  • Mr. Odle

Integrated Student Support


  • Mr. Harrington

  • Mr. Slagle

  • Mrs. Rhoades

  • Ms. Ferree

  • Ms. Savage

  • Ms. Swoffer


  • Ms. Brazier

  • Ms. Moroney


  • Mr. Ballek

  • Mr. Bierer

  • Mr. VanHoomissen

  • Ms. Beks

  • Ms. Missler

Social Studies

  • Mr. Jones

  • Ms. Geuea

  • Ms. HC

  • Ms. King

  • Ms. Sartin

  • Ms. Snider