• Hello Students, Parents and Guardians,

      Starting in January, the Fairbanks North Star Borough School District intends to provide more options for in-person learning, while still providing remote learning, eLearning, and BEST Homeschool choices for families. At the start of this school year, parents and students were presented with three options, a blend of In-Person and Remote Instruction, eLearning with a FNSBSD teacher, or homeschooling through the Fairbanks BEST Homeschool. Due to many factors associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, the schools have operated in a remote learning environment for all of first semester, with only the most high need students having access in person instruction. Starting next semester, all students who wish, will have access to in person instruction at their school. 

      However, knowing that choice is important and that not all families will feel comfortable with their student(s) returning to in-person schooling during the pandemic, we will continue to offer instructional models that allow students to remain home. 

      The Four Instructional Options for 2nd Semester are explained in basic terms in the images to the right. Each school will have a slightly different way of addressing Remote and In Person Instruction, so please keep reading for school specific details. 

      At Lathrop our In-Person option will look like this: 
      Instruction will vary depending on teacher and subject area, however, in-person students will follow their current 3rd quarter schedule and can expect that during their class time, their teacher will also be interacting with classmates who are remote. There will likely be a mix of direct instruction and independent work and students may have synchronous/asynchronous interactions with remote classmates as well. 

      Students will attend their 3 classes every day, five days a week following the new bell schedule.

      • 1st Period: 9:15 - 10:35am
      • 2nd Period: 10:45-12:05
        • Lunch & SSP: 12:05-1:15 (there will be 2-3 staggered lunch periods)
      • 3rd Period: 1:25-2:45
        • Also note: Passing periods, end of day release, lunch time, and bathroom breaks will be staggered at assigned times by Zones.

      Here are some of the major changes students can expect to see if they choose to attend in-person. Additionally, there is a video below highlighting these changes.

      • NO LOCKERS - you will be required to carry your belongings with you to your classes.
      • All students will need to have a device with them during the school day - if you need one, call us!
      • Social distancing to the extent possible as well as assigned seats in all classrooms.
      • Hand sanitizers and wipes will be available in each room. Students will be responsible for cleaning their desk areas.
      • Lunch will be eaten in assigned locations throughout the building. WE WILL BE A CLOSED CAMPUS, so leaving the building during lunch will not be an option. Students will either need to bring their own lunch, or get lunch from the school cafeteria and will be required to stay in assigned lunch locations for the entirety of the lunch period. 
      • Water fountains are turned off, so please bring your own water bottle. 

      And our Remote Instruction option will look like this:
      Remote students will also follow their current 3rd quarter schedule and can anticipate that instruction will vary depending on teacher and subject area. Following the new bell schedule, remote students will be notified of the times during the period that they will meet with the teacher synchronously. During the rest of the class period, they may have independent work to complete or students may have synchronous/asynchronous interactions with remote and/or in-person classmates. 

      Students will attend their 3 classes every day, five days a week following the new bell schedule.

      • 1st Period: 9:15 - 10:35am
      • 2nd Period: 10:45-12:05
        • Lunch: 12:05-1:15 
      • 3rd Period: 1:25-2:45

      Please keep this in mind as you complete the choice form below. Also, remember that the choice you make today can be revisited later. You are not locked into your choice. Please feel free to contact Lathrop at (907) 456-7794 for assistance.

      Click on this link to access choice form: FNSBSD 2nd Semester (Quarter 3) School Choice 

      Thank you for taking the time to complete this form. Please make sure to fill out a new form for each of your children. 


    The Daily Meetings can be found under the "Announcement" section of Lathrop's Main Webpage or directly through this link: LHS Morning Meetings. These are pre-recorded YouTube videos from staff and students that will keep Malemutes and their families updated with the most current Lathrop News.**These don't go live until 9:15 each morning.
    Morning Meetings and Weekly Updates can be found on this Weekly Update Page of the LHS Website
    Your 1st period class starts at 9:15am -

    -- Here's what to for school each day -- 
    1. Check PowerSchool

    2. Check your student email

    • Go to: mail.google.com
    • s123456@student.k12northstar.org (replace the 123456 with your S Number)
    • Use the same information you use to sign into PowerSchool.

    3. Find emails from your teachers

    • Use this format to email teachers: first.last@k12northstar.org

    4. Follow instructions from your teachers (found in your email inbox)

    5. New to Lathrop? Don't have a schedule?


    If you don't remember your S Number or Password, that's ok!
    Email Ms. Boyce at joy.boyce@k12northstar.org and she can help you out!

    How do I access my guardian account for the first time?  

    1. Navigate to premier.k12northstar.org
    2. Click the Forgot Username or Password? link
    3. Your email address is typically used initially for your username

    You will receive an email from do-not-reply@k12northstar.org with a link to reset your password. The link will expire after 30 minutes. 

    If you do not gain access to your parent account after following steps 1-3, please contact your student’s school office for assistance.


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