Education and Foster Children and Youth

  • Students in foster care are some of the most educationally disadvantaged. The Foster Care and Education Program is dedicated to meet student’s unique educational needs through the collaboration with students, caregivers, schools, child welfare agencies and legal advocates. 

    Our program is designed to provide guidance anad education on the rights of students in foster care, to work with each student’s school to increase the level of understanding of the student’s academic and emotional needs, and to advocate for equal access of resources afforded to their peers.  Strengthening partnerships with child welfare and court systems are continuous endeavors.  Currently in place is an agreement with the State of Alaska for Sharing Confidential Information with Tribal memorandums in development.    

Contact Information

  • Administrative Center
    1st Floor, Suite C
    Main #: (907) 452-2000 x11272
    Fax: (907) 452-6043

    Linda Fraini, LCSW
    Foster Care Liaison
    (907) 452-2000 x11358

    Charleen Fisher, PhD
    Assistant Director of Federal Programs
    (907) 452-2000, x11434

    Helen Clark
    Executive Director of Federal Programs
    (907) 452-2000 x11470