• Discovery Peak Forms & Documents

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    Excessive Absence Form

    Use this form if you are aware of a student's extended absence from school. Extended is an absence longer than 10 school days.


    Student Leave of Absence

    Use this form for students upon return of an extended absence. Extended is an absence longer than 10 school days.


    Track Volunteer Hours

    Use the site Track it Forward to keep track of your volunteer hours! Check the "Events Sign-up" to sign up for specific events.


    Excess Volunteer Hours

    If you exceed your number of required volunteer hours, and organizations are able to donate their excess volunteer hours to Discovery Peak families who are struggling to meet hours. Families must apply for hours in the volunteer bank and prove their need. Donors may also select specific families to donate their hours to.


    FNSBSD Volunteer Application

    We highly recommend completing the district application.


    Questions?  Contact us at contact-dpc@k12northstar.org!