Ms. Andie Rice, ELP Teacher

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Ms. Andie Rice, ELP Teacher

The Extended Learning Program (ELP), formerly known as the Gifted & Talented Program, is an extension of our current educational system. The goal of the ELP is to create educational opportunities for students whose needs and abilities exceed those provided by the general classroom. We believe these provisions will help academically gifted students to grow toward their full potential. The Extended Learning Program works in conjunction with current educational programs to provide enrichment, curriculum differentiation, social and emotional support, and awareness of community opportunities for students accelerating through the general curriculum.

What we do specifically for each child will depend upon that child. Programs for the academically gifted do not begin with different curricula or different structures for learning, but with the different needs of each gifted learner. No two gifted individuals are alike. The uniqueness of gifted individuals makes it impossible for educators to develop and prescribe any single curriculum for our program, but their educational needs can be planned so it will enhance development, including their psychological, social, emotional, intellectual, and career needs. The program develops self-advocacy among children by expanding their awareness of opportunities and developing skills to access those opportunities. Within this scope is the ultimate goal of developing within the student a desire for excellence and a sense of individual responsibility to the school, to the community, and to a changing society.

It is an honor to serve Eielson Air Force Base through the Extended Learning Program of the Fairbanks Northstar Borough School District.  Here is the link to our ELP district website providing access to lots of resources. ELP District Website

Personally, I have been teaching for over 30 years and hold a master’s degree in education from George Fox University in Oregon.  I have been in Alaska for 15 years and count each day as a divine gift.  It is hard to imagine getting paid for doing something you love so much. 

Feel free to contact me personally if you have questions about our Extended Learning Program at either Anderson Elementary, Crawford Elementary, or Ben Eielson Jr High.