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A Day in The Life

  • At the start of the day (and week) students would meet with their mentor teacher to discuss goals and timeline for day/week including breaks and physical activity.

    Students/teachers would schedule time for one on one or small group with individual teachers for specific skills that would need to be taught to achieve their goals.

    Uninterrupted work time (2-3 hours) that is student-driven and supported by teacher guides.  Students will work on their chosen goals and projects, expanding upon the students Renzulli learning profile.  Students would self-monitor and take brain breaks which will include physical activity options as students deem needed (this skill will be taught and reinforced by teacher guides throughout the school year).

    Students given time for lunch and socialization.

    Uninterrupted work time (2-3 hours) that is student driven and supported by teacher guides.  Students will work on their chosen goals and projects which are grounded in the Renzulli learning profile.

    Students would leave to music lessons or other enrichment activities during their work time when they are scheduled within the school as a whole.

    Meet with mentor teacher and discuss and celebrate all accomplishments to help reboot for the following day.

    All student supports needs will be met and accommodated within the school within a school by the same trained and professional support staff that is available within the traditional middle school model.  Given the immense flexibility available within the school within a school model exceptionalities and individualization of education is the norm, not the exception, to the rule. This system is perfectly suited to out Special Education and English Language learner populations with daily monitoring, flexible learning time, and support staff. ELP students will benefit from this system by engaging in a day that is like having ELP class all day every day.


  • How will you Make Sure My Student is Learning

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    Each day, students will check in with their mentor to ensure they are on pace. There are a lot of skills we also need to teach: time management, organization, effective goal setting, showing proficiency in an academic context, and much more. We will be teaching that during the first few weeks of the school year. We will talk more about this in the next section. See the video below for more about Curiosity Time in a middle school setting. 

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  • Will kids go to classes?

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    It depends. Based on their learning skills, passions, and styles they will learn content in a way that is appropriate for them. For example, a student with special needs still learning basic skills will have their IEP service times met first, and that is what they will schedule regularly. An ELP student however, who is prepared for higher-level math, where we don't even have a teacher, will be learning more on his or her own. 

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  • What about Electives?

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    Students will have elective time scheduled as they deem appropriate. Art permeates everything we do, and we respect that and don't isolate art into a single class period. Likewise, Language Arts is all about understanding what you read and communicating. We want to not isolate that into one class period either. Students will still be able to take music. In fact, they will no longer have to choose between music and other electives as has been the case in the past. 

    In this system, learning is the goal, every day, all day. Attending a specific class to do that is not the goal. 

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