• Office Phone: (907)452-2000 x11201

    New Location Address:

    397 Hamilton Avenue

    Fairbanks, AK 99701

    We are located in the Nordale Education Center.

  • A Big Welcome to Our New and Returning Students!

    To enroll in the upcoming school year, 2022-23, simply follow the steps below for returning, new, or transferring students:

    New or Transferring Student:


    1. New/Transferring students Enroll online through the (FNSBSD) Registration Program. 

    Parents/Guardians of transferring students must first submit a registration for BEST Homeschool so we can release allotment funds* and enroll students in classes. 

    Step 2. Schedule a meeting with an Education Specialist using the Calendar app linked to their name below. Just select one Education Specialist for your family.

    Kara Candelaria

    Glenda Richard

    Barb Sivin 

    Step 3. Review curriculum options to develop an Individual Learning Plan (ILP)  for your student. 

    Please review the curriculum options listed on our website before your scheduled meeting with the Education Specialist. 

    Your Education Specialist will have you create an account in BrightWays for your ILP and progress reports.

    Step 4. Finalize your student's Individual Learning Plan (ILP) with your Education Specialist. 

    Your Education Specialist will assist you in finalizing your curriculum selection and in creating the ILP for your student during your meeting.

    They will also discuss how to get reimbursed for your curriculum materials using your allotment funds.


    For those that need a refresher on signing up your current BEST student for the new school year or adding another student, please see the link below:

    BrightWaysTutorial Link:



         *Attention: Students must be enrolled on or before Oct 1st to receive an education allotment for the 2022-2023 school year. 



Last Modified on June 16, 2022