• We are so excited to welcome students registering for this school year!

    Join Fairbanks BEST Homeschool in 5 easy steps: 

    Step 1. Enroll online through Registration. 

    Both new and current students need to do this step to ensure they have a Powerschool account that is current. 

    Step 2. Schedule a meeting with your Education Specialist using the calendar app linked to their name. 

    Enrollment appointments are being accepted for these Education Specialist:
        Elementary & Middle School:  Debra Fitzgerald
        Elementary & Middle School:  Kristina Mulready
        High School:   Jaime James 

    No additional enrollment appointments are being accepted for these Education Specialist:
        Elementary & Middle School:  Barb Sivin
        Elementary & Middle School:  Nelique Brons
        High School: Kristan Kelly

    Step 3. Enroll in Brightways to create an account within the BEST record keeping system.

    A Brightways account will allows you to submit Individual Learning Plans and grades to BEST. 

    Step 4. Review curriculum options and prepare to develope an Individual Learning Plan (ILP)  for your student. 

    Please review curriculum options listed on our website before the meeting you scheduled in Step #2. 

    Step 5. Finalize your students Individual Learning Plan (ILP) with the help of your Education Specialist. 

     Your Education Specialist will assist you in finalizing your curriculum selection and creating the ILP for your student. 


    Once your ILP is approved you can purchase materials with your education alloment.

    Attention: Your must be enrolled before Oct 1, 2020 to receive an education alloment for the 2020-2021 school year. 



Last Modified on September 17, 2020