Why Choose K-8 at Hunter?

    • Stability and consistency for students and families, remaining in a school they have attended with staff they know
    • CORE subject rotation in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade, allowing students the opportunity to work with peers at similar levels
    • Looping options for all grades, allowing students the opportunity to spend several years with the same teacher
    • Community Service Projects, focusing on student involvement/engagement in the greater Fairbanks community
    • Additional physical activity incorporated into each day
    • Daily art and writing options

What a Community Service Focus Looks Like at Hunter

    • Opportunity to develop and participate in Community Service Projects—designed by students
    • Friday reserved for Community Service Projects
    • Partnership with FMH for learning about job roles and community service projects
    • Access to After School sports activities at Ryan Middle School for 7th and 8th graders
    • Daily art (visual and mixed media) and writing options available
    • Opportunities for additional physical activity each day
    • Options for cross grade mentoring, Kindergarten through eighth grade
    • Continuity of education from Kindergarten through eighth grade
    • After School Program option with a STEAM focus for academic support

What Personalized Learning Looks Like at Hunter

    • Students learn more and faster with material at the right level
    • Students are provided Instruction based on their academic needs
    • Customization of each student’s education
    • Small group and large group targeted instruction
    • More individual time with a teacher for each student
    • Collaborative group projects
    • Engaging online programs
    • Flexible seating
    • Greater student engagement
    • Student choice and input into how they learn best
    • Student ownership and involvement in their learning

What Guidelines for Success Look Like at Hunter

  • Be Kind 
    Be Helpful

    Be Excellent

    Hunter is a CHAMPS school, dedicated to building students’ academic skills and helping them become responsible and respectful students. CHAMPS structures help reduce classroom disruptions, improve the school climate, and improve student on task behavior. We believe all students should be taught the skills and behaviors needed for success. Motivation and responsibility should be encouraged through positive interactions and building student relationships. The misbehavior of students is a teaching opportunity. All students and staff must be treated with dignity and respect.

Last Modified on April 27, 2018