Why Choose K-8 at Nordale

    • Smaller community where students won’t get lost in the crowd.
    • Stressed emphasis of time on task with less transition and time out of the classroom setting.
    • Small, familiar, local atmosphere.
    • Leadership Opportunities (7-8).
    • Building an understanding of place through generational bridging with area Senior Citizens. (7-8).
    • Departmentalization in Core Content Areas (6-8).
    • Choice in Electives (6-8)
    • Sports available at attendance area middle school.
    • Focus on developing life skills and exploring future career endeavors through electives.
    • A place to practice core beliefs of Kindness, Responsibility and Perseverance.

What a Community Building Focus Looks Like at Nordale

    • Nordale’s 7th and 8th grades focus on community connectedness. Our students engage in ongoing community involvement, regularly connecting with Raven Landing residents, sharing a meal and creating generational bridges that transfer to stronger academic understanding.
    • Our 7th and 8th grade students also collaborate with primary students as mentors, gaining leadership experience and taking on greater responsibility within the school. Some of these responsibilities include: student government, office assistants, library and lunch aides and service projects.
    • At Nordale, time is devoted to community building because it is through relationships that students build academic confidence in themselves and gain appreciation for and trust in the people around them.

What Personalized Learning Looks Like at Nordale

    • Personalized Learning opens new pathways to Nordale students. Students have the opportunity to explore, to navigate, to converse, to seek and to design their way to understanding the required standards.
    • Through project-based investigations, time on and time off technology, meaningful discussion with teachers in small group rotations, students are more engaged than ever before in the subjects we’ve always taught.
    • Our 7th and 8th grade students have the advantage of career exploration and entrepreneurial investigations. The Personalized Learning Core Four objectives give teachers the framework for ensuring all students have the best opportunities for success.
    • The Core Four include: Targeted Instruction, Integrated Technology, Student Reflection and Ownership and Data Driven Decision Making.

What Guidelines for Success Look Like at Nordale

    • Nordale’s Core Beliefs are posted throughout the halls and classrooms of the school. Kindness, Responsibility and Perseverance are foundational traits that speak to the citizenship we expect from our students today and in the future as they grow into adulthood.
    • Our teachers and staff cultivate these traits by employing CHAMPS and Love and Logic theory for classroom management.
    • We balance close supervision and guidance with a gradual sharing of responsibility and decision making with students. Our students are encouraged to give their best and they develop perseverance as they meet and exceed the expectations set for them, both academically and socially.
    • Everyday we look for opportunities for our students to practice our guidelines for success: Kindness, Responsibility and Perseverance.