Why Choose K-8 at Arctic Light?

    • Convenient Location - on Fort Wainwright next to SAC and Youth Center
    • No Pullouts during Core Instruction - no loss due to extra curricular choices
    • Sports available at Tanana - for 7th & 8th
    • Choice in Electives- for 4th - 7th   
    • Fewer School Transitions - stay at one school
    • Three Campuses - Our three Campuses maintain integrity for each age of student.
      • Primary- Grades K-3
      • Intermediate- 4-5
      • Middle- 6-8

What a STEAM Focus Looks Like at Arctic Light

  • Arctic Light's K-8 model meets the needs unique to our military family students on Fort Wainwright. In addition to core-subject instruction, taught by a homeroom teacher, students delve into STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) topics through electives. Academic small-group intervention is pushed into all classrooms to ensure student progress and success.

    Our use of targeted tutoring and flexible content supports individualized academic programs as students learn in classrooms supported by personalized learning models. Parent and community involvement is enhanced through our strong family events and thematic explorations using community expert volunteers.

What Personalized Learning Looks Like at Arctic Light

  • Arctic Light Elementary School, located in the center of a rich, distinctly Alaskan environment, is the heart of a diverse military community and serves the children of America’s Arctic Warriors. Our mission is to facilitate the growth of students into knowledgeable, self-sufficient, caring citizens, capable of navigating in a global society. Through discovery and exploration, students will participate in developmentally appropriate experiences in a safe environment of unconditional respect for others and uncompromising commitment to excellence and challenge.

    Arctic Light students are provided instruction based on their personal academic needs. For example, students functioning above or below grade level, in their core subject areas, will have their needs met through flexible content, targeted tutoring and walk-to classes. For our Middle School students, grades 4-8, choice in their elective classes allows for a personalized approach to learning.

What Guidelines for Success Look Like at Arctic Light


    Arctic Light Foxes Foxes Have Heart

    Always do my best
    Respect myself and others
    Care about others
    Think before acting
    Ignite a love of learning
    Celebrate success

    Arctic Light students are successful because of our positive and proactive approach to education. Classes work towards school-wide CHAMPS goals to earn celebrations. Individually, students work for PAWS-itive and BUG Club rewards through academic and behavior achievement.