Miss Kirsten Sworts, 5th Grade Teacher

Phone: (907) 372-3306 x31046


Degrees and Certifications:

Miss Kirsten Sworts, 5th Grade Teacher

Welcome 5th grade families and students,

I am thrilled to be teaching writing to our three fifth grade classes, and science and social studies to my own class.


In writing, we use a program called Spelling City as an interactive way to practice our spelling and vocabulary throughout the week as homework. We also take spelling and vocabulary tests through Spelling City every Friday.

Below is the address of the Spelling City website. Your student has been provided with their password and user name which should be located on the inside cover of their binder.   



Regular and prompt attendance is crucial to your child’s success at school. School begins promptly at 8:00 and your child is tardy at 8:05. If your child arrives after 8:05, he/she will need to stop by the office and get a tardy slip.


We will have a brief morning snack each day. Please send a healthy, quick snack for your child. Snacks will not be shared due to allergies. Ms. Sworts does not provide snack.


Our lunchtime is 11:45. Please keep track of money in the lunch account or send a lunch from home. We have the privilege of having a microwave in our classroom. Please be mindful when sending a microwaveable lunch. Try to keep heating times between 1-2 minutes due to the number of students in the class. Parents are more than welcome to occasionally join our class for lunch.

Cell Phones/Tech Gadgets:

Cell phones need to be turned off and left in backpacks while on Crawford property. If a cell phone is used, it will be taken and only returned when a parent comes to retrieve it. Any other “techy gadget” (tablets, handheld games, iPods, etc.) should be left at home.

Fidget Spinners:

Fidget spinners/cubes are not allowed in school unless a student’s medical or legal records dictate the specific need for the object.


Feel free to send in celebratory treats for your child’s birthday. Please DO NOT send balloons or flowers, as this is a distraction from learning.

Work Policy:

Work is due on the date provided. No late work will be accepted after September 1st. Late work will be entered as ‘0’.