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    Welcome! The Ticasuk Brown School Counseling program is available to all students.  Julia Naylor has been the school counselor since 2010. She works with students individually, in small groups, and through classroom/school wide activities. She works with students, staff, and families to promote a culture of positivity, respect, and responsibility.

    School counselors are not able to provide therapeutic counseling services to students in school, but do work with students and families in challenging times, providing a safe place in the school and communicating/coordinating with other staff as needed. School counselors can also help connect families with district and community resources. The school counselor’s office is a safe place for students to come when they need help working through problems they might be having, whether academic or social/emotional.

Contact Information

  • Julie Naylor                                                                         


    488-3200 ext. 43503                                                           

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