• Playground Equipment Safety Guidelines & Expectations

    Outdoor gear

    • students go outside for recess, every day, unless the temperature is -20 or colder
    • ensure your student has coat, hat, gloves, snow pants and boots so they can enjoy their recess time
    • Neck gators are preferable to scarves (less likely to get caught on equipment)
    • PLEASE label your child's winter gear - it helps it get back to the right owner


    • remain seated
    • swing forwards and backwards only
    • no pushing or twisting or "banana splits"
    • no jumping off
    • one person per swing
    • if watching, do NOT stand in front or behind a moving swing


    • one person on the slide at a time
    • slide down only (no climbing up the slide), feet first, sitting only
    • wait for the person ahead of you to get out of the way before sliding down
    • do NOT sit or stand at the bottom of slide zone

     Climbing tubes

    • do not play on top of the tubes

    Jungle gym

    •  climbing and sitting on the top is allowed
    •  if you can reach the bars, you can play on them; no lifting each other up to reach


    • keep your toys off the playground (this prevents loss or broken toys and hard feelings)
    • at this time, card games will be allowed on the picnic table area

     Rocks, snow & sticks

    • stay on the ground (no picking up or throwing them)

     Physical touch

    • Touch tag only
    • NO tackling, tickling or pushing

    Basketball & Football at Nordale Elementary

    • are non-contact at Nordale (no pushing, no grabbing, no holding, and no tripping
    • football only on the open field area (NOT in BB area)
    • no balls in the gravel equipment areas
    • unsafe play is not okay and may result in a game time out to review safety rules, or suspension of the game until further notice

    Jump ropes

    • no swinging of ropes (like a whip) or using them for purposes other than jumping


    • have lots of it
    • invite others to join your game
    • share
    • avoid screaming in other student's ears
    • enjoy team games and be careful not to run through other students' games
    • when you hear a whistle (the duty person needs your attention) or the bell (it is time to come inside) –NOW                                                                                                                                                                                         lh5.10.17


Last Modified on May 10, 2017