2018 Technology in Alaska Education Survey

  • Take the opportunity to share your voice by completing the Technology in Alaska Education survey.

    Please complete your survey by April 13, 2018.

    The survey takes approximately 20 minutes.

    This survey is part of a statewide study of educational technology being supported by the Alaska Department of Education and Early Development (DEED), the Alaska Superintendents Association (ASA) and the Alaska State Policy Research Alliance (ASPRA). Its purpose is to provide Alaska education leaders with useful information for improving technological resources across the state.

    In this survey we use the term “technology” to refer to computers and tablets, devices that can be attached to computers (e.g., LCD projectors, interactive whiteboards, digital cameras), networks (e.g., internet, local networks) and computer software. The survey asks questions about your use of computers in a school setting.

    No individual teachers will be identified in reports, and no individual level survey responses will ever be shown to your schools or district leaders. We guarantee that survey responses will never be connected to your name. Reports will only present aggregated information, such as the percent of teachers who agree that they can find help when having trouble with using computer technology. By responding, you can anonymously identify issues and concerns related to technology use.

Last Modified on April 6, 2018