Personalized Learning

  • What is Personalized Learning?

    Personalized learning is the structuring of schools, classrooms, and instruction so we can better respond to the individual needs of students. Personalized learning shifts from a one-size-fits-all model of education to one which better prepares students for the jobs and needs of the future.

    Why Personalized Learning?

    To ensure each student achieves their highest potential, we create a student-centered environment that engages, inspires and empowers all learners based on their unique needs and strengths.

Core Four

  • There are four elements of personalized learning:

    • Targeted Instruction – Education aligns to specific student needs and learning goals
    • Data Driven Decisions – Frequent data collection informs instructional decisions and groupings
    • Student Reflection and Ownership – Ongoing student reflection encourages ownership of learning
    • Flexible Content and Tools – Instructional materials allow for differentiated path, pace, and performance tasks

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Last Modified on November 7, 2019