Healthy Children Learn Better, School Nurses Make it Happen
  • Director of Nursing Services

    Christopher Hindman, RN
    Fairbanks North Star Borough School District
    520 5th Ave, Fairbanks, AK 99701
    907-452-2000 X11253


    Crystal Triplett, HA
    Salcha - (907) 488-0134 x10114

    Star of the North - (907) 490-9025

Nurse Manager

  • David Skordelis, RN




    Corrine Roe, RN
    West Valley- (097)479-4221 x46540

    Heidi Johnson, RN
    University Park- (907) 479-6963 x44540

    Catherine Crozier, LPN
    Woodriver- (907) 479-4211 x47540

    Aleena Snider, HA
    Denali - (907) 452-2456 X32540

    Rose Douglas, HA
    Ticasuk Brown - (907) 488-3200 x43540

    Two Rivers- (907) 488-6616 

Nurse Manager

  • Richard Wall

    907-452-2000 ext 11459



    Lathrop- (907) 456-7794 x17540

    Martha Hirt, RN
    Randy Smith- (907) 458-7600 x42509

    Angela Palmer, LPN
    Weller- (907) 457-1629 x45540

    Aida Acosta, LPN
    (907) 451-7500 x27540

    Ashely Dippold, HA
    Anderson-Crawford- (907) 372-336 x31540

    Tara Bagamary, HA
    Ben Eilson Jr/Sr- (907) 3723110 x30542

  • School nurses connect health care and education by providing services that promote the health and well-being of children and minimize barriers to learning. Professional school nurses use their expertise to provide acute, chronic, and emergency care for students. School nurses prevent, monitor, and control communicable diseases and screen for other conditions that interfere with academic achievement.  School nurses promote health and safety by advocating for health care and a healthy school environment.  School nurses are liaisons between the school, the family, and the community.

Nurse Manager

  • Monica Hancock, RN




    Julia Konefal, RN
    Peal Creek- (907) 479-4234 x41541

    Alaina Ctibor,RN
    Ryan- (907) 452-4751 x13540

    Keith Linsey, LPN
    Tanana- (907) 452-8145 x14146

    Robin Titus, HA
    Arctic Light - (907) 356-2038 x28541 

    Misty Meadows, HA
    Hunter - (907) 456-5775 x34540 

    Lesley Campbell, HA
    Midnight Sun Elementary - (907) 488-0134 x29541

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