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    Welcome to the Weller Family, we are so happy to have you on our team!  As your Counselor, I will be seeing all student K-6 once a week for 30 minutes. 


    A little bit about myself, I come from a family of with 10 children, 8 girls and 2 boys.  I was born and raised in Kotzebue, a village in Northwest Alaska and I am of Inupiaq/German/Irish descent.

    Our family practiced and lived in a traditional native during my childhood.  I have been in education as a Teacher, Assistant Principal, Principal, and Counselor at elementary, middle and high school levels. I have worked in a variety of school models/programs such as traditional school settings k-6 and preschool to 12, Spanish language immersion K-6, K-6 behavioral grant programs and alternative schools at the elementary and high school levels.   I have worked in 4 school districts in the State having been with the Fairbanks North Star School District the longest.


    As your School Counselor, I am responsible for teaching a number of topics which include but are not limited to school rules, safety skills, conflict resolution, anti-bullying, social skills, life skills, getting along skills and school success skills.  I also provide small group support for students who may need additional support when they may be experiencing difficulties in their home and/or school lives.  I also help provide information or referrals to community resources outside the school for our families.  If you have special or unique concerns please do not hesitate to contact me if I can be of any assistance in providing services within the school setting or helping you to find services elsewhere.


    My instructional delivery in my classroom embraces the concept of personalized learning.  A 2013 survey of the National Association of Colleges and Employers list 10 skills employers say they seek, in order of importance.  At the elementary instructional level, there are 5 as indicated by the asterisk that are emphasized in my program;


    1. Ability to work in a team. *
    2. Ability to make decisions and solve problems. *
    3. Ability to plan, organize, and prioritize work.
    4. Ability to communicate verbally with people inside and outside an organization. *
    5. Ability to obtain and process information. *
    6. Ability to analyze quantitative data.
    7. Technical knowledge related to the job.
    8. Proficiency with computer software programs.
    9. Ability to create and/or edit written reports.
    10. Ability to sell and influence others. *


    A village is truly needed to effectively educate our children as we take the journey together to build a bright and successful future for all our children.  Again, I welcome you all as we take this wonderful journey together, have a wonderful school year!

Helen Conwell

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