Mrs. Laura Lopez, 4th Grade Teacher

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Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Laura Lopez, 4th Grade Teacher

Dear Parents, Guardians, and Students:

      Welcome to the fourth grade! I am thrilled to be your child’s teacher this year. We have a lot to explore and learn about, including: Pacific Rim countries, geography, state regions, multiplication and division, the earth’s layers, plants and animals, and so much more. We will be working on reading and writing projects as well. It is going to be tons of fun!

      Fourth grade is the beginning of intermediate schooling. Together, we’ll work on creating and maintaining skills and habits your child needs to be a successful student. I want my students to have strong work habits and social skills that will help them achieve academic excellence. I believe a classroom should be full of inquiring minds and be a place that will challenge students to think outside the box. Students will work in cooperative groups, learning and supporting one another. Last, but not least, learning should be fun and engaging. I am excited to work with you to achieve this all.

 Parent Communication – I hope to keep open communication with you throughout the year. I plan to send weekly newsletters that will be sent home in the student’s Monday Folders. Please take a moment to read over the newsletters, most of my communication will go through that. I will make contact via e-mail or phone call if there are any missing assignments/homework or to set up times to chat if need be.

 Power School – Please make sure you are able to access PowerSchool as a parent. This is a great tool to track your child’s progress in the classroom. If you have any issues, please contact the school front office.

 Grading – This has changed from and H,S,N, to an A,B,C, system.

A – 90% & above       

B – 80%-89%           

C – 70%-79%  

D – 60%-69%

F – 59% & below

Homework – Homework will start the year with weekly packets. It will include math, reading, and spelling. Students will receive packets on the first day of the week and they will be due at the beginning of the following week. These packets require a parent initial. Your initial and time is important to help students solidify the practice of completing work thoroughly and in a timely manner.

We will be keeping track of completed assignments in Students Planners. These are available for purchase at $5.00 each. Checks are payable to Crawford Elementary. 

Late Assignments – Students are expected to finish classwork in the time allotted for the subject. As we work on perfecting the art of timely work throughout the year, late assignments will have consequences.

Honor Roll – This will begin at the 3rd quarter of the year.  It consists of all academic subjects with grades of 90% or above. These is also A/B Honor Roll and it consists of students who have a mix of As and Bs in all subjects. For this A/B honor roll, the students must contain at least one A in the report card.

Classroom Supplies – Please ensure your child has these additional supplies.

  • 1 clipboard
  • Clorox wipes
  • Pillows

Snacks – Healthy snacks are allowed and encouraged.  Please do not send sodas, fruit drinks, or unhealthy snacks (cookies/candy). We will have a short time allotted for snack, but will generally continue with a working snack. I also ask that students not bring “juicy” snacks, to include fruit cups, pudding, or applesauce. Water bottles are allowed in the classroom. If your child has an allergy or dietary restriction, please let me know as soon as possible.

Outdoor Winter Gear – The weather here can be unpredictable! Please make sure your student is prepared. Requirements to go outside:

- Snow pants      - Snow jacket

- Snow boots       - Snow gloves

- Hat             - Scarf/face mask (optional)

Students are more than welcome to keep snow gear in the classroom for backup (a reusable grocery bag works wonders to keep gear organized). Please make sure their gear is labeled with first and last name to prevent any mix-ups.

Electives – Band, Orchestra, ELP. If students participate, they will be taken out of instructional time. If students choose these electives, they are expected to keep up with classwork and/or homework missed.

Individual Accelerated Reading (A.R) – All 4th grade classes have some type of AR point requirements. Your child will need to read books and novels independently. After each book, students should take a comprehension test. Each book is at a specific level & points are awarded for tests. These tests will be calculated into the reading grade each quarter. If you have books at home, you can use to find the level & points.

MAP Testing & Personalized Learning (PL) – The district has changed to solely MAP Testing. The results of these tests are immensely useful in the districts new endeavor, Personalized Learning. We will have an open house on 21 September with more information.

Volunteers – Please note that you must complete a district volunteer packet with the district to volunteer in the school, classroom, and to attend field trips. I would love to have your help in the classroom. If you can spare time to help for math or reading groups, it would be greatly appreciated!


If you have any questions, thoughts, or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am available via e-mail or by phone. I look forward to a great and successful year. Please look for future announcements in the weekly newsletter. Thank you for all of your support!


Last Modified on December 21, 2017