Fairbanks BEST Curriculum Notice – September 20, 2016

    Prepared by:  Holly Cervin, Director of Personalized Learning

    Fairbanks BEST (Building Educational Success Together) provides an alternative for families to teach state standards and grade level expectations using methods and materials of their choice.  Fairbanks BEST combines the structure of the FNSBSD with a philosophy of individualized learning. 

    The school is comprised of two programs:

    • Homeschool: K-12 students receive an allotment for purchasing curriculum materials of their choice that align with an Individual Learning Plan (ILP) and state standards.
    • Online Learning Program: Students in grades 7-12 enroll in a minimum of four online courses.

    Students in BEST are assigned an education specialist knowledgeable of various curricula, courses, resources, and FNSBSD policies and requirements.  BEST students may enroll in up to two classes at their local attendance area school and participate in extra-curricular activities according to district/state guidelines. 

    Curriculum and materials approved for BEST students align with district requirements and Alaska state standards for students.  Faith-based materials cannot be purchased or reimbursed by the BEST program.  School board adopted curriculum documents and the Department of Education & Early Development resources provide students and their families a foundation for their Individual Learning Plan (ILP) which outlines goals and objectives, as well as listing instructional materials used throughout the school year.  In accordance with Alaska state law, all BEST students participate in required assessments. 

    Faith based materials may not be used to determine a student’s full time enrollment.

    FNSBSD adopted curriculum documents:

    • Math – K-8 adopted January 21, 2014; 7-12 adopted February 17, 2015
    • Language Arts – adopted March 22, 2011; K-12 Learner Objectives revised and adopted April 15, 2014
    • Social Studies – adopted April 16, 2013
    • Science – adopted Spring 2016
    • World Languages – adopted March 2, 2010
    • Technology – adopted October 18, 2011
    • Career Technical Education – adopted May 2012- May 2015 (phased adoption)

    Alaska standards for students can be found at the Alaska Department of Education & Early Development website: http://www.eed.state.ak.us/standards/


Last Modified on November 13, 2019