• A survey was sent out for feedback on the draft 2020-25 Strategic Plan. The Board of Education was particularly interested in empoyee feedback. The results are still in the process of being compiled, but here is the breakdown of survey responses:


    Total: 703*


    Employee: 633

    • Admin: 95
    • Instructional: 420
    • Instructional Support: 98
    • Principal/Director: 56
    • Parent: 217


    Community: 21


    *There was the option to select both employee and parent, so numbers may not add up perfectly to the total.

    Comments (-1)

Strategic Plan: Milepost 2.0

  • The district is launching the revision and update of its strategic plan for academic years 2020-25. The strategic plan is a map, with clearly defined priorities to guide the district in ensuring students receive the best education possible. Help us chart the future of education in our community by sharing your input and perspective.

    What are the goals of the update?

    • Shared vision and strategic direction for the district
    • Strategic roadmap to guide decision making over the next 3-5 years
    • Engaging staff and community in the planning process
    • Rolling out the plan with fidelity and a defined implementation process

    What is the timeline and process?

    • Phase 0: Pre-Planning - Establish the process (September 2018)
    • Phase 1: Determine Position - Collect stakeholder perspective (October 2018 - January 2019)
    • Phase 2: Develop Strategy - Envision our future and set the long-term district direction (February - May 2019)
    • Phase 3: Build the Plan - Build the annual plan and supporting initiatives (June - September 2019)
    • Phase 4: Manage Performance - Roll-out and execute the plan (September 2019-June 2020)

    For a more detailed timeline, see the 2018-19 Strategic Planning Process Overview.

Your Voice In The Plan

  • Important Note: The district's leadership team and the school board are still in the process of developing the Strategic Plan, and feedback from the community and employee surveys have been and will continue to be an integral part of the process.

    In October of 2018, a Community Survey was distributed to FNSBSD families, high school students and the community at large to gather input informing the next version of the Strategic Plan.  It closed December 3, 2018 and resulted in 718 total responses.  Thank you for taking the time to complete the survey and for your thoughtful comments. 

    A second online survey was distributed at the same time to all FNSBSD employees, gathering input related to the current state, employee engagement and strategic priorities of the district.  The Employee Survey resulted in 427 total responses.

    Findings from both the Community and Employee Surveys were analyzed and assimilated into detailed reports to inform the SY20-25 Strategic Planning Process.

    The School Board, Executive Leadership, Principals and Directors read the survey reports in detail and incorporated results into the Strategic Planning Sessions with fidelity.  Input from staff, students and our community holds a great deal of significance as we evaluate and update the strategic direction for the District over the next 5 years. 

    We were pleased to find that overall community engagement (supporters that would advocate for the District) has remained positive since the last survey was conducted in 2015.  Results from the Employee Survey also indicated positive engagement scores, improving over 2015, with meaningful shifts among administrators specifically. 

    Key Areas of Focus Moving Forward…

    The FNSBSD Executive Leadership and School Board are in the process of developing the next version of the Strategic Plan and have incorporated findings from the Comprehensive Assessment with specific focus on priorities ranked by staff and the community in the 2018 surveys.  In addition to academic achievement for all, class size, school safety, social-emotional wellness for students, and additional options to personalize learning surfaced as ongoing focus areas for the District.  The tables below summarize the top 3 rankings from employees and the community when asked about district priorities and additional options for students.  

    DISTRICT PRIORITIES - Top 3 Rankings per Group


    Community Adults


    1.      Class Size

    2.      Social/Emotional support for students

    3.      Reading on grade level by 3rd

    1.      Class Size

    2.      Current, relevant materials/resources

    3.      Reading on grade level by 3rd

    1.      Class Size

    2.      Current, relevant materials/resources

    3.      Social/Emotional support for students



    Community Adults


    1.      Increased access to CTE

    2.      Competency Based Learning

    3.      Increased options for Dual Credit/Post-Secondary

    1.      Competency Based Learning

    2.      Increased access to CTE

    3.      Charter Schools

    1.      Competency Based Learning

    2.      School Start Time

    3.      Increased access to CTE

    We appreciate our stakeholders' feedback and will continue to keep you engaged in the Strategic Planning Process as we move toward finalizing and communicating the updated SY20-25 Strategic Plan.

    If you would like to reference the survey summary reports, click here for the Community Executive Summary or here for the Employee Executive Summary.

Bird's Eye View of 2020-25 Draft Strategic Plan

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.
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