About the Library

  • Pearl Creek Elementary warmly welcomes parents, staff and especially students to our library. I am happy to help all users find the perfect book or ebook for information or pleasure, and to help you access appropriate websites and databases for your academic needs. For many Pearl Creek families, who live far from town, accessing our library is a quick and easy option. I strongly encourage parents to open accounts and check out books for themselves and their children. Any time there is not a class in session, I am available to help you create an account and access any of the more than 13,000 titles in our collection.


    My fondest wish is to connect students with just the right book and for every student to develop a life-long love of reading!


    Kids need books. While ereaders can be valuable and have a place, research shows kids prefer and need actual books. Here's an article about the value of actual books versus ereaders:


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Last Modified on November 8, 2019