•         Hello, I’m Carol Smallwood, your University Park Elementary Library Media Associate. I’ve been at U-Park now for approximately 14 years, and I’m looking forward to next Fall here, as your Media Mentor in the library! University Park Library has a great mix of books and technology to share with you.  


    Over the Summer, look at the info I've put under the Learning Links, Specials Classrooms, under Library, click on Library, and you'll see the info to sign up for the Summer Reading program thru the Public Library.  STart May 26th to sign up and it runs thru July 24th.

    Our library is the heart of the school, where you can learn & create!

    The school library’s mission is to:

    Design and create programming that supports and allows for the investigation of intellectual curiosity, and where instilling the life-long love of reading is one of the main goals!

    "Reading is the original virtual reality." -

    quote by Carol Smallwood @2016

    University Park Elementary Library Media Associate




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