•         Hello, I’m Carol Smallwood, your University Park Elementary Library Media Associate. I’ve been at U-Park now for approximately 14 years, and I’m looking forward to next Fall here, as your Media Mentor in the library! University Park Library has a great mix of books and technology to share with you.  

     In this school year as we start the 2020-2021 with remote learning at home, I have come up with a way to circulate books to you, until you are in school again, hopefully very soon! 

    There are 2 ways to get books, 1. check out books on Sora, or an ebook thru our library catalog website.

    2. Get an actual book from the school library. It will consist of a student putting a Hold request on the books they wish to check out, thru our Destiny catalog, then  I'll see it and bag up the book for you. If it is a popular book, you may have to wait a few days. Once the book is ready to be picked up, I'll let you know and you'll have to get a ride to school to pick it up IN FRONT OF THE SCHOOL. I will have SET hours for when I'll be there waiting for you to pick up the book,

      I will have more info on how to do that, both on the University Park Elementary Library Facebook page, and also I will share it on the University Park Falcon Families FB page soon.

    I will definitely miss all of you, until we can see each other again!


    Our library is the heart of the school, where you can learn & create!

    The school library’s mission is to:

    SaveDesign and create programming that supports and allows for the investigation of intellectual curiosity, and where instilling the life-long love of reading is one of the main goals!

    "Reading is the original virtual reality." -

    quote by Carol Smallwood @2016

    University Park Elementary Library Media Associate




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Last Modified on August 6, 2020