Mrs. Lonnette Norris, 3rd Grade Teacher

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Mrs. Lonnette Norris, 3rd Grade Teacher

Dear Parents and Students,

I am SO excited about this coming school year! Our classroom is a busy place with learning happening all the time. Here are some basics about our class…..

Email – Communication is very important to me.  (Some of you already know that.)

Email is a great way to stay in touch without interrupting lessons or class time.       

Brief Reminders –

  • Always check the back of papers from me. (This includes weekly Dear Parent letters.)
  • Each week binders should include
  • A new vocabulary list (green) with focus skills in the reading section.
  • A new spelling list (salmon) with skill information in the spelling section.
  • A new reading log to be filled out and turned in weekly with a goal of 100 minutes per week in the reading section.

Homework should be in the homework pocket in the front of the binder.

IMPORTANT! Online PowerSchool Documents - Please make sure you have completed all 8 of the on-line forms. The school front office will be happy to help if there is any difficulty. (You cannot do it on your phone.) Through PowerSchool you can get to grades and our math.

Specials Schedule – We are usually in the morning.

    Monday – Gym  Tuesday – Music and Quick Library Checkout  Wednesday – Gym  Thursday – Library  Friday – Counselor and Music

Lunch Money – Our lunch is 11:15 – 11:45      Recess is 11:45 – 12:15.

If you send money for lunch, please put it in an envelope or ziplock with your child’s name and mark that it is for lunch.  (The amount also is helpful.)  I collect lunch money first thing in the morning and send it to Mrs. Martin.  Reminder: you may check the amount available and deposit lunch money online.

Monday Packets – These envelopes come home on the first day of the school week.  Please go through the material, fill out and return any pages that need to be returned. Sign the green sheet and return with your child along with the envelope the next day or two.

Dear Parent Letters are in Monday packets each week. They are in purple and include important information and reminders on the front. The back includes information about our reading, vocabulary, and spelling words for the week.

Gym Shoes – Students should have one pair of non-marking shoes to leave at school for gym and music.  On our gym days (Monday and Wednesday) please remind your child to wear appropriate outdoor shoes as well in case we have PE outdoors.

Planners – We use planners daily to highlight what we have learned during the day.

Please check and initial them daily. This can also be a form of quick communication.

Snack/Water –Snacks and water bottles are allowed in our class as long as they do not interfere with learning.  Snack time is generally mid-morning and must be healthy, quick, and easy to eat. Water containers should be easy to close and a reasonable size.  I know my students will be responsible and keep the privilege. (Please do not send liquids with red dye for snack or lunch.)

Homework- We have homework every day (including Fridays) plus a reading log.  If homework is not turned in by 8:10, then the student needs to finish it while eating lunch.  If it is still not complete, they spend part of their recess finishing.   Of course, there are occasional exceptions so please send a note if there is a difficulty.  This has worked very well in the past and helps teach responsibility. Homework is generally reviewed briefly when given out or in lessons so it should not be a struggle or take a long time.  Parents have homework too at times.

Reading – Please review weekly vocabulary words with your child.  They are on a green sheet in the Reading section of the binder. At the beginning of each week, there will be a new story, a new list of vocabulary, and the words will be used all year.  We will generally have an AR test and a regular reading test on Friday. Tests will include the vocabulary as well as reading comprehension and skills that we’ve   covered during the week.  (Notice the backs of the Dear Parents letter and the vocabulary sheet each week for more details on the skills of the week.)

**Please do not throw any spelling or vocabulary sheets away.  We keep them in our folders at school until the end of the year.**

Spelling – We get our new spelling words the last day of the week on a pretest. These pages are on salmon color and stay in the binder until the next we get the next list. Our Test 1 will be given on Wednesday. (The paper is a goldenrod ½ sheet.)  If any words are missed, Test 1 usually comes home that day so your child knows what words to study harder.  If they get all of the words correct, the paper doesn’t come home and they only have to take part of the test the next day.  Test 2 is given on Thursday and includes the 15 regular words, the 5 bonus words, and 5 extra credit mystery words from lessons in the classroom. (Later in the year the test will also include sentences.)  On Friday, we take another pretest over our new words for the next week. Part of weekend homework is to write the new spelling words in the planner.

Winter Gear – Please keep your child safe and comfortable when the temperatures start to drop and snow is on the ground.  We have 5 parts of winter gear – coat, warm boots, snow pants, waterproof gloves, and hat or hood. Scarf and face covering are optional.

Technology – We will be using iPads, desktop computers, laptops, etc. this year. I will be sending home information including user names and passwords as we go. We have already started with our Accelerated Reader tests. (s#, initials) AR tests can be taken at school. I hope to be doing an abbreviated version of ClassDojo later as well.

Thank you for sharing your children with me.  This is going to be a great year!  I look forward to being with you on the team for your child/children’s progress and success! 

Last Modified on November 4, 2019