Mrs. Karen Francesco, 6th Grade Teacher

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Mrs. Karen Francesco, 6th Grade Teacher

Dear Parents,

     I am thrilled to have the opportunity to be your child’s teacher.  I am looking forward to an exciting and a productive time together learning. 

     Each day your child will be bringing home his/her zippered three-ring binder.  This will contain a mail pocket which I will provide as well as a  planner with the day’s work listed.  Your child will check off what is completed and what still needs to be done.  Please check this daily.  The work will be filed in the corresponding subjects in order to help students stay organized as well as make it easier for parents to check on homework completion.  I will initial folders before students leave to let you know that your child had the binder out to fill in the day’s assignments.  I will not be checking for completeness or accuracy.  Your student, as a sixth grader, needs to be responsible for taking care of this daily routine independently.  It is required that each student takes this binder to and from school every day. This is an organizational skill that will be necessary for your student to learn this year in order to be more successful in junior high next year.  I am counting on parents to work with me in teaching this skill by checking this binder nightly and initialing it every day.  Students need to know that their school day and work matters to their parents.  Your interest, as the parent, is the strongest motivator for your child.  I will appreciate your time and support with this system.   It is my goal to have each student feeling confident and organized when it comes to handing in assignments on time.

     Each Monday your child will bring home mail, which will contain information from the school, myself, and corrected student work.  Please take the time to look over the contents and remove them from the mail pocket at the back of your child’s binder.  Sometimes there will be forms that need to be signed and returned.  I also send home a weekly classroom newsletter with the new spelling words and information about what will be happening in the school or classroom.  Your prompt attention to these items will be appreciated.  Do not remove any work that is in other areas of the binder.  Students will keep ongoing assignments and notes in the subject sections.  Only items in the mail pocket should be removed.

     Please feel free to email me any time you have a concern.  This is my preferred initial contact since phone calls sometimes interrupt the class.  I know that together we can make this a positive school year for your 6th grader.


Last Modified on November 4, 2019