Assistants Superintendent

    • Supervises and provides leadership to all K-12 schools and charter schools
    • Assists parents in problem solving and answers school-related concerns
    • Responds to staff and community inquires and requests
    • Leads and supports all schools and departments in the administration of district priorities, policies and regulations, initiatives and goals
    • Oversees and supports districtwide safety efforts
  • Assistants Superintendent Office
    4th Floor, Suite B, Room 423
    (907) 452-2000, ext. 11411

    Executive Assistant
    Barb Havrilek
    452-2000, ext. 11411

    Assistant Superintendent
    Shaun Kraska
    452-2000, ext. 11411

    Interim Assistant Superintendent
    Kate LaPlaunt
    452-2000, ext. 11411