• ALL PTSA Meetings will be held in NPHS Commons unless otherwise noted.

    Parents/Staff - NPHS needs your support.  Don't let another year go by!  This is the year you can be active in a group that cares about our school, it's students and the staff.  From being a PTSA officer to just helping with one-time events - if you can volunteer a few hours, let me know and I can get you more information.  We've laid solid framework for future years of teamwork to support NPHS.  Use the templates to "plug and play" or come up with your own creative ideas. The sky is the limit!
    You can find PTSA information and updates via our Facebook page 
    Parents and supporters of NPHS: do you have questions, concerns or feedback about the budget; the way it's distributed among schools or the current projected budget cuts? The FNSBSD school board welcomes your feedback on these and other issues or concerns. If they don't hear from us, then they will assume everything is understood and there are no questions or concerns. Emails can be sent to the school board as a group: schoolboard@k12northstar.org. 

    BOOSTER CLUBS! We want to partner with you! Email us at nphs.ptsa23@gmail.com.

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  • Officers

    President: Sally Beard

    Vice President: Vacant

    Secretary: Stephanie Dawley

    Treasurer: Candace Richey


Last Modified on November 1, 2023