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    397 Hamilton Avenue

    Fairbanks, AK 99701

    We are located in the Nordale Education Center.

  • Our Mission

    Fairbanks Building Educational Success Together (BEST) is a school without walls where parents have the primary responsibility for the management of their children’s education. BEST is committed to a framework in which the home is supported by the community as a viable educational alternative. BEST is a non-sectarian partnership between students, parents, professional staff, and community members where families and staff work together to customize an education for their children.


    Our Purpose

    BEST supports student success with personalized options to meet families' unique goals and interests.



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    Who Are We? 



    Fairbanks BEST provides several options for students:

    All students will be assigned to a certified education specialist who is knowledgeable of various curricula, courses, resources, and learning styles as well as BEST policies and FNSBSD requirements.
    Students, K-12th grade, will receive an allotment for purchasing curriculum materials of their choice that align with an Individual Learning Plan (ILP) and Alaska State Standards. The allotment is only available for students who enroll before October 1st, of the current school year.
    Students, 9-12th grade, will enroll in a minimum of four courses through a variety of platforms that are fully accredited, (online) learning program with highly qualified and certified teachers.
    All students will be eligible to participate in athletics, music programs, and other extra-curricular activities at their attendance area schools according to district/state guidelines, and without withdrawal from BEST.
    All students will have the option to enroll in up to two classes at their attendance area school, with principal approval. 
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    520 Fifth Avenue
    Fairbanks, AK 99701 

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    8:00 am - 4:00 pm

    Office Phone  452-2000 x11201

    FAX: 907) 451-1009 

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