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    Career Education Center (CEC) is a self-paced program for students who have not been successful in the district’s traditional high schools.

    CEC students earn a diploma by meeting the same requirements as all Fairbanks school district students, but they do it independently and at their own pace.  CEC students attend school for 4 hours each day, Monday through Friday, but they have the flexibility to schedule around other personal commitments.

    Successful CEC students are motivated, independent, and capable learners, but they have struggled with balancing personal responsibilities outside of school with due dates and deadlines.  Many of our students struggle with reading challenges and other skills and knowledge gaps.  CEC provides materials for a range of reading levels, as well as options for credit recovery, and students have the support of certified teachers when they need extra help.

    CEC applicants must be at least 17, and they cannot have turned 20 years old prior to the current school year (unless on an IEP).  Students must have earned 8 high school credits and be at least a second-semester junior. 

    If you are unsure if you meet our requirements, please contact Stephani at 479-4061 or email stephani.hillen@k12northstar.org with your NAME, AGE, LAST SCHOOL ATTENDED and a GOOD CONTACT NUMBER TO REACH YOU.

    If you meet our requirements, print out and complete the "CEC Application" under the Application & Form tab, and bring it in to us to schedule an interview. 

    If you are from a high school outside of our district, please bring or fax an unofficial copy of your transcript to 907-479-0230 you can have your previous school email an unofficial transcript to stephani.hillen@k12northstar.org also. This is to speed the enrollment process. If you don't have a copy, then contact Stephani and she will get a copy from your previous school.

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Last Modified on March 30, 2017