Pearl Creek Parent & Teacher Association

  • Pearl Creek PTA Officers 2020-2021

    President - Marla Statscewich
    Vice President - Procedures - Judith Gruneau
    Vice President - Membership - Emily Potter
    Secretary - Recording - Jen Gunderson
    Treasurer - Brooke Freeburg
    Fundraising Chair - Jacqueline Muehlbauer 
    Teacher Representatives - Kjersten Bartusch and Kristen Alonzo-Taggart
    Principal - Shawna Henderson

    2021-2022 PTA Accomplishments

    Ice cream for the Ice Cream Social

    5th Annual Fun Run (Beat the Principal/Counselor)

    Air purifiers in every classroom

    Shirts and hoodies with the new logo

    Repainted and cleaned up Torgen Park (picnic tables near Pearl Creek)

    Halloween spooky trail

    Halloween Extravaganza

    'Kiss the Goat' fundraiser

    Sewed reflective tape on students' winter gear

    Reflections Art Contest

    Gifts for your grown-up holiday store

    Usbourne Cards Fundraiser

    Cleared the ice rink of snow

    Kaladis Brothers Coffee Fundraiser

    Book giveaway

    'Reach for the Stars' read-athon

    Bus driver, staff and teacher appreciation week


    Awarded teachers almost $5000 in Mini-Grants for student supplies, books for classrooms and special project ideas.

  • We are parents & teachers who LOVE our children, and want ALL students to succeed. We can influence policy makers; advocate for health and safety; improve our child's nutrition; share parenting resources; start new activities; and make new friends while supporting out teachers & students. We welcome new ideas and perspectives and any form of involvement!

Last Modified on August 9, 2022