Pearl Creek Parent & Teacher Association

  • Pearl Creek PTA Officers 2016-2017
    President - Kate Standlee-Strom
    Vice-President - Bylaws- Lili Misel
    Vice-President - Membership- Sheila White
    Secretary - Recording- Jeff Merkel
    Treasurer- Annette Malan
    Teacher Representative - TJ O'Donnell
    Principal - Kate LaPlaunt
    PTA email address -
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  • Meeting of PTA October 8, 2015

    Board Members Present
    President: Kate Standlee-Strom
    VP Procedures: Theresa Kay
    VP Membership: Sheila White
    Treasurer: Lili Misel
    Secretary: Jeff Merkel
    Volunteer Coordinator: Jenny Liu
    Danielle Hamilton: Reflections
    Principal: Kate LaPlaunt
    Teacher Rep: T.J. O'Donnell

    Members Present
    Kara Beck
    Sheena Brady
    Emmy Marshall
    Moira Westervelt

    Guests Present
    Martha Hirt

    Kate called meeting to order at 3:58

    Minutes were approved, motion Theresa, second Sheila,  all in favor

    Principal's Report by Kate LaPlaunt:

       AMP tests measurements have changed, if you have questions,, talk to
    your child's teacher or an administrator.  If your child scores lower it
    doesn't mean they've lost ground, but that they're being tested at a higher
    level.  Scores are coming out.

       Kate is working on the strategic plan which the district has put
    into effect, looking at ways to implement action items for Pearl Creek
    school.  Ways she has been active on this plan include: working with the
    district's on the idea of offering more K-8 schools, looking into a standard
    full day kindergarten, maintaining class size at appropriate levels,
    establishing transparent & consistent communication (Pearl Creek's
    electronic newsletter & updated website), meeting monthly with our PTA,
    continuing a relationship with the Fire Department, Calypso Farms.

       One concern she shared from this list is that communication with
    parents tends to be going outward, from the school to parents, with not much
    coming back from parents.  Kate is looking for a way to give parents a way
    to feed back their ideas, short of asking for a meeting with her or other
    staff.  She's thinking of starting a "Breakfast Club" with coffee tea and
    goodies, to chat with parents, and foster more back and forth conversation,
    possibly once a quarter, possibly during parent teacher conferences as well.
    "Muffins for Moms," or "Donuts for Dads," maybe "Pitas for Parents..."
    These gatherings wouldn't focus on specific topics.  Whatever comes up.
    Kate requested funding from the PTA for food...  It was suggested that a
    Survey Monkey be sent out to parents to check for workable times and
    possible topics of interest, to gin up participation.
       Kate SS suggested we allocate $200 for this from "special
    programs/projects" or "administrative discretion." Sheila moved, Lili
    seconded, it passed.
       Also regarding communication: with all the confusion around the
    late/canceled buses, it became clear that parents didn't know there was an
    electronic newsletter.  It turns out some people are simply unaware of the
    options, and Kate's going to emphasize it on the parent teacher meetings

    Treasurer's Report: Lili

       $1025 came in from memberships and donations.
       There was a withdrawal of $3,945 by T.J. for trail equipment, and to
    fund the ice cream social.
       We're awaiting receipts or draws from the running club and Mr.
    Dunavin's native Olympics focus later in the fall
       Lili reported that she plans to keep as much of our money in savings
    as possible, despite minuscule interest
       Supplies for making the Christmas ornaments: $119.  
       A motion to accept the report was made by Sheila, second by Kate.

    Membership: Sheila
       83 members in total right now.  The staff reached the "special"
    number we had set out for them and they'll get their lunch reward.  We'll
    send out something re membership deadline at the end of October.  
       Also, Sheila suggested that we get minutes out sooner, maybe draft
    minutes up on the Facebook, somewhere people can see it, or must they be
    approved first?  PTA should have a spot on the school website, so e-mail it
    to Lisa as well.  Also, an archive, "minutes for this year."  Send to
    Theresa for Facebook.
       Lunch for the Faculty?  Maybe after Halloween...  
       Classes which won: Chavez and Finell!   These classes' reward is
    that they will get time in gym to play floor hockey with the UAF Hockey

    Halloween coming up on the 30th.  Each teacher volunteers for one booth.
    Need pre-approval for the money we'll need.  Last year it was $400.  We're
    trying to get volunteers by e-mail instead of putting flyers into kids' take
    home.  Also, can we get teachers to mention it in their notes and flyers?
    There's a "Volunteer Spot" at Randy Smith, West Valley and other schools.
    Something for our Volunteer Coordinator Jenny Liu.  Re the $400: Sheila
    moved, Ron seconded, passed.

    Reflective Tape sew on:  
       call out for volunteers...  When it gets darker, beginning of

    Mini Grants:
       Volunteers to work this: Nikki, Cara, Sheila and Kate SS (Kate
    LaPlaunt will try, some things she can cover with her funds)

       People want adult sizes, shirt order will use the money remaining in
    the original funding line, available sizes need to be more clear for
    prospective buyers

    Fundraiser: Theresa
       Equal Exchange closes 16th.  We get 40% on catalogue orders, 15% on
    Online orders, which run through December.   Also ongoing orders online with
    40% return from Innisbruck.  Information was in the last infobytes.  

    Nurse Martha Hirt:
       Bullying.  She was caught off guard when she heard a story of
    someone close to her who owned up to being a meanie in high school, 20 years
    previously.  What bullying is...  In her generation: oh ignore it.  Today:
    it's linked to suicides, school shootings.  Now there's cyberbullying, which
    can be devastating, anonymous, and it's "out there" forever.  There are kids
    at risk.  Bullying can also happen within families, kids can do it to
    parents even...  Bullying is about establishing and maintaining an imbalance
    of power.  Boys bully boys & girls, girls only bully girls.  Martha
    recommended the book: Bully proof Your Child for Life by Joel Haber PhD

       Someone mentioned that the National PTA has a whole anti bullying
    campaign - something we might want to look into?  Resources as well.  We
    could link to it on our Facebook site.

       Thank you Martha.

    respectfully submitted,

    Jeff Merkel

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