Pearl Creek Parent & Teacher Association

  • Pearl Creek PTA Officers 2019-2020

    The current list of officers is:
    President - Stephanie Brewer
    Vice President - Procedures - Tian Hulbert
    Vice President - Membership - Angie Kabat
    Secretary - Recording - Kim Sheldon
    Treasurer - Dawn Ell Fitzpatrick
    Fundraising Co-Chairs - Katie Straub and Marla Statscewich
    Teacher Representatives - Shana Fields and Kristen Alonzo-Taggart
    Principal - Shawna Henderson
    Accomplishments to the school from PTA
    3rd Annual Fun Run
    Kiss the Goat
    Halloween Carnival
    Reflective Tape Sew-On
    Staff Holiday Celebration
    Barnes and Noble Fundraiser
    Kaladis Brothers Coffee Fundraiser
    Charleston Wrap Fundraiser
    Reflections Art Contest
    Awarded teachers $3100 in Mini-Grants for student supplies and special project ideas
  • We are parents & teachers who LOVE our children, and want ALL students to succeed. We can influence policy makers; advocate for health and safety; improve our child's nutrition; share parenting resources; start new activities; and make new friends while supporting out teachers & students. We welcome new ideas and perspectives and any form of involvement!

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Last Modified on October 29, 2019