Grants and Partnerships Overview

  • The Grants and Partnerships Department connects staff to supplemental resources. The critical tasks of this department are:

    1. Coordinating grant acquisition
    2. Coordinating grant management for compliance and accountability
    3. Developing and facilitating strategic partnerships to provide support and cost-savings to help support the mission of the district

    Coordinating grant acquisition

    • Facilitate linkages between program planning and funding resources
    • Locate appropriate funding sources aligned with district mission and priorities
    • Prepare and submit competitive grant applications, coordinating with private schools and partner agencies as mandated
    • Provide technical assistance in preparation and implementation of formula grants to include Indian Education, ESEA Consolidated, Carl Perkins, Title VI B and Section 619
    • Plan, coordinate, and write legislative grant requests and submit through CAPSIS system
    • Coordinate district’s grant review process and facilitate Grant Review Committee

    Coordinating grant management for compliance and accountability

    • Provide training, technical assistance, and support to all grant managers to help ensure fiscal and programmatic requirements of all grants are timely met
    • Assist with implementation of new grants to ensure compliance with law and district policy
    • Monitor implementation of grant projects, expenditure rates of grant budgets, and accomplishment of grant objectives
    • Provide individualized grant management training to all new grant managers
    • Act as grant manager in transition times for any and all grants; directly manage some projects
    • Assist in documentation and personnel preparation prior to monitoring/auditing
    • Collaborate with Accounting Services Department to create and maintain Grant Management Manual & provide ongoing Grant Management PLC sessions

    Developing and facilitating strategic partnerships to provide support and cost-savings to the district

    • Facilitate the Partners in Education initiative to engage business partners in the mission of the district
    • Act as the district’s primary liaison with the Bright Futures Fairbanks district leadership team to connect school existing resources to student needs
    • Facilitate collaboration projects with universities and local agencies


Grants & Partnerships Contacts

  • HRR in Ireland

    Heather Rauenhorst
    Executive Director of Communications, Development, & Engagement
    (907) 452-2000 x11464

    Sheena Cummings 
    Assistant Director of Grants and Partnerships
    (907) 452-2000 x11225

    Britt Larson 
    Grants and Partnerships Specialist
    (907) 452-2000 x11257

    Business Partnership Development Intern

    Grants and Partnerships
    2nd Floor, Suite B, Admin Center
    520 5th Ave. Fairbanks, AK 99701
    Fax: (907) 328-0899

Last Modified on July 3, 2018