Business Information Systems

  • The Business Information Systems Department:

    • Manages district information systems (MUNIS, email, etc.) to ensure accurate reporting.
    • Develops and maintain system integration methods across the many systems.
    • Provide analytical, data support, and operational management for district information systems (MUNIS, and other non-instructional enterprise systems).
    • Designs, develops, and maintains computer applications to meet unique district requirements that cannot be met effectively with commercial products.
    • Manages system support, security, upgrades and maintenance for the district information systems and servers.
    • Maintains and routinely tests critical information system backups and disaster recovery and contingency plans.
    • Provides centralized user account management for the above district-wide information systems.
    • Develops and maintains discrete sets of training materials (user guides, tutorials, videos, etc.) for use by administrative staff.

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Last Modified on February 1, 2024