• Re-Envisioning CTE:

    Creating Future-Ready Students

    Re-Envisioning CTE is a strategic initiative tied to the Personalized Learning Goal in FNSBSD’s Strategic Plan.

    Strategic Goal #1:

    Personalized Learning: Provide all students with options to meet their needs and achieve academic success. As part of the District’s vision to personalize learning for all students, we are embarking on a process to define the future of Career Readiness and the CTE system for our students and community.


    • Defining the future of ‘Career Readiness’ and CTE programming as part of personalized learning for all students.
    • Creating a global workforce for economic vitality and student success.
    • Creating an educational environment that integrates core academics with real-world relevance.
    • Matching the needs of business and industry with students who are prepared to meet the needs of the future workforce.


    • Current State Summary of CTE in FNSBSD
    • Comprehensive Needs Assessment/View of CTE
    • 5-Year Vision/Future State and Model for CTE in the District
    • Defined strategic direction for Hutchison, built by the community


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Last Modified on October 9, 2020