Remote Instruction

  • On Monday, December 14 the Board of Education approved the return to in-person school for students whose families want that option. Tuesday, January 19 through Monday, February 1, schools will phase in students who choose to return to in-person instruction. Elementary schools will open first, followed by middle schools, and then high schools.

    With the return of in-person instruction for any student who wishes to attend, the in-person/remote learning option is now an in-person instruction option and a remote instruction option.

    Remote instruction will shift beginning on January 19 to the following:

    • Students stay enrolled in their current school

    • Elementary and Secondary students learn from home 5 days each week.

    • Instruction is a blend of prepared packets, synchronous on-line lessons, and asynchronous pre-recorded lessons. Remote learning may look different from school-to-school and across grade levels. Please look for detailed information from your child’s school.

    • Social distancing and safety procedures happen in the student's setting.

    • Meals available for pick-up at designated locations.

    • Students may continue with remote instruction or may return to in-person instruction at any time the family is comfortable.

Learning Options

Last Modified on December 18, 2020