Learning Options

  • Have you compared the learning options available for your student? There are three options:

    • In-Person/Blended Learning (I want my child to go their school when its open and learn from a school teacher in person and, when needed, remotely)

    • eLearning (I want my child to stay home even if schools are open and learn from a district teacher)

    • Homeschool (I want my child to stay home and I will guide their instruction)

FNSBSD In-Person/Blended

  • With the FNSBSD in person/blended option, students attend their neighborhood school or school of choice. This option may require a blended combination of face-to-face and remote learning as safety conditions require.

    School Start Guidelines

Sample Elementary School Schedule

Sample Middle School Schedule

Sample High School Schedule

FNSBSD in Person/Blended Information/FAQs

  • How will school be different this fall?

  • What does a Blended Model mean?

  • What is a Cohort/Quarter model?

  • How will day/cohort placement be determined? How can families request modifications for family circumstances?

  • Will schools have to stay in this “Cohort/Quarter” model all year?

  • How will social distancing be incorporated into every classroom?

  • Will outside organizations be able to continue renting school space?

  • Will each student receive a device?

  • Will shared devices in school be disinfected between uses?

  • How will recess be affected?

  • How will lunchtime look different?

Last Modified on August 3, 2020