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  • With the eLearning program, your student will stay enrolled in their home school and receive remote instruction from a district teacher uninterrupted by school closures. The FNSBSD eLearning program will:

    • Provide a consistent and reliable plan for students and families
    • Offer courses aligned to district curriculum
    • Ensure secondary courses meet NCAA and graduation requirements
    • Provide resources to support parents as learning coaches for their students
    • Ensure virtual teachers have been trained to engage students and support online learners

     The virtual program is still connected to a student’s neighborhood/choice school. Parents and students will continue to:

    •  Receive school communications
    •  Have opportunities to participate in activities, clubs, and athletics
    •  Access academic planning and graduation support



What is E-Learning?

  • eLearning is a robust remote learning program offered by the Fairbanks North Star Borough School District. It enables students to complete online courses, yet still stay deeply connected to their school. eLearning offers high quality, rigorous, and well-rounded learning opportunities for students in grades K-12. It also includes instructional supports.


    Empower Students and Families
    Students prosper when parents take an active role in education. As part of the eLearning program, staff, parents, and students will collaborate to build the student's learning plan. Parents can be closely involved in their child's daily education, while supporting the teacher's weekly lessons and learning goals. Supportive FNSBSD teachers and eLearning faciliators help to keep students on track. Secondary students receive weekly coaching reports from Apex to see their student's progress through the curriculum. Elementary students will enjoy a close relationship with their teacher through a variety of collaborative activities. 

    Energize Student Engagement
    Because eLearning is personalized, kids that choose to enroll in this online program will have the benefit of pacing their own learning (however, at the secondary level there will be due dates assinged to help students stay on track. This is especially important for studentsin grades 9-12 to aid them in finishing courses on time in order to earn credits towards graduation). Students will have a variety of options for staying connected to friends, clubs, and sports at their home school.

Contact Information

E-Learning Registration

  • Elementary (K-6) eLearning

    At this time, 90 guaranteed seats will be available to students in kindergarten through grade 6. If you are interested in having your elementary child attend eLearning next year, go to the Centralized Application Portal (CAP) page for how to enroll your student in the elementary eLearning lottery. Please call Marie Laukhuf at 907 452 2000 ext 11236 or connect via email at Marie.Laukhuf@k12northstar.org to determine open availability in grades. In most cases , students will be added to the waitlist. 


    Secondary (7-12) eLearning

    Students should contact their school counselor for available classes and to enroll in eLearning courses at both the middle and high school level.  High school students may take a single course, up to their entire course load on eLearning. At the middle school level, students will be able to take their core classes: English, math, science and social studies, as well as PE and health. Limited middle school electives may be available in this fall. Students may take up to two classes at their home school with permission from the principal as space is available. 


eLearning FAQs

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  • My student is at a charter school or alternative school. If I decide to attend school 100% online through the new eLearning program, do I lose my place at that school?

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  • Will special education services be provided to my child if I choose eLearning?

  • Can my student still get breakfast and lunch from the school?

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