Board Curriculum Committee

  • The Board Curriculum Committee (BCC) is established in accordance with Policy 236.1 (School Board Committees to Advise Administration and the School Board) and Policy 910 (Curriculum Development).  Administrative Regulation (AR) 236.1 details the structure of school board committees, AR 910 outlines the process for curriculum development, AR 910.1 states a review of current needs and relevant educational research must be conducted prior to curriculum revision, and AR 910.3 establishes that revised curricula will be presented to the BCC.



    On a six-year schedule, the school district updates curricula – one or two subjects each year. It's important to the FNSBSD that parents and community members are actively involved in this review of what is taught in our community's classrooms.  This committee works closely with the Department of Teaching and Learning to ensure the curriculum and classroom materials stay current. By researching new trends in education, developing curriculum guidelines, and approving textbooks, these dedicated community volunteers work to provide students, from kindergarten to high school, the most relevant education possible.

Curriculum Revision Process

  •   The FNSBSD curriculum process, outlined in Administrative Regulations 910 Appendix A, is on a six-year cycle and includes the following stages:  research and review, develop and define, implement, and measure-refine-revise.  The research and review stage begins with community input, and a research group meets to complete an in-depth study of the current curriculum to determine its effectiveness, research current trends in curriculum content and pedagogy, and to begin developing competencies.  Then, during the develop and define stage, curriculum writers review this work and start draft one.  Each draft goes out for public comment and the writers review and consider all comments and suggestions.  After there is a general consensus on the curriculum proposal, a final draft is submitted to the Board Curriculum Committee for a recommendation and the School Board for adoption.  Once the curriculum is adopted, it is implemented in the schools, usually the next school year, and professional development is provided as needed.  Finally, the curriculum enters the measure, refine, and revise stage during years four through six.  

    Curriculum Cycle 


    2022-23 Research & Review Stage 

    During the 2022-23 school year, the district will begin research and review of materials in the following content areas.

    • English Language Arts (grades K-5)
    • Health
    • Physical Education
    • Science  

Contact Information

Committee Members

  • Board Curriculum Committee Membership
    (17 members)

    School Board Member Chair:

    • Melissa Burnett, Board Member

    District Administrator Support:

    • Chane Beam, Executive Director of Teaching & Learning

    FPA Representatives (1 Elementary, 1 Secondary):

    • Graham Storey (AP, Randy Smith Middle School)
    • vacant

    FEA Representatives (1 Elementary, 1 Secondary):

    • Kristen Dullen (PT, Sped)
    • vacant


    Student Representative (1):

    • Raul Lopez 


    Tribal Consultation Representative (1):

    • vacant

    Parent Representatives (3):

    • Elizabeth Greninger
    • Devra Norling
    • Jeffrey Porter

    At-Large Community Members (6):

    • Joyce Harris
    • Loa Hubbard
    • Earnest Kincade
    • Matt Mertes
    • Alexis Walker
    • Ellen Weiser

    Committee Staff Support
    Jennifer Morgan, Materials Development Specialist

2022-23 Board Curriculum Committee Meeting Schedule

Last Modified on January 26, 2023