• green zone and yellow zone

Green & Yellow Zone (Low & Medium Risk)

  • The Alaska Department of Education and Early Development provides similar guidance for low and medium risk. While the levels of transmission are different, the instructional model and response are very similar for both scenarios.

    Low Risk: No community transmission. No new cases or increase in past 14 days.

    Medium Risk: Some community transmission. Minimal amount of laboratory confirmed cases.

  • Parameters for Safely Operating

    Low Risk

    • Consider ways to accommodate needs of children and families at high risk, including supports for at-home learning.

    • Follow cleaning and disinfection plan.

    • Follow local community health guidelines for guidance on social distancing and group size for classrooms based on community spread.

    Medium Risk

    • Implement multiple social distancing strategies for gatherings, classrooms, and movement through school buildings.

    • Limit the number of students per class and attendees per gathering to maintain six feet social distancing.

    • Alter schedules to reduce mixing of students (ex: stagger recess, entry/dismissal times).

    • If feasible, conduct daily health checks (e.g. temperature screening and/or symptoms checking) of staff and students safely, respectfully, as well as in accordance with any applicable privacy laws or regulations. Confidentiality should be maintained.

    • Intensify cleaning and disinfection plan.

    • Implement social distancing strategies on buses and other transportation of students.

    • Have a plan to protect vulnerable students and staff, those with chronic conditions, special health care needs or disabilities.
  • Overall School Protocols

  • To/From School

  • At School

  • In the Classroom

  • School Events

Last Modified on August 3, 2020