Summer Enrichment and Extended School Year


    June Programs


    Extended School Year & Transitional Extended School Year:


    Student days are Monday to Thursday:

    • June 6-9
    • June 13-16
    • June 20-23
    • June 27-30


    •   Tanana Middle (TESY):  8:00-12:00 (staff hours 7:30-12:30) Tanana Phone Number: 907-452-8145 
    •   Denali Elementary (ESY):  8:30-12:30 (staff hours 8:00-1:00) Denail Phone Number: 907-452-2456
    •   NP Elementary (ESY):8:30-12:30 (staff hours 8:00-1:00) North Pole Elementary Phone Number: 907-488-2286


    ESY/TESY is for students whose IEP teams determine eligibility as part of the IEP process. The following should be considered when determining eligibility and writing goals for ESY:

    • Eligibility is based upon regression/recoupment, emerging skills, or critical life skills.  
    • If using regression/recoupment, there must be demonstrated severe regression and a significant lack of recoupment following a break in school services as documented through data.
    • A reminder that ESY must only target those goals and objectives for which qualifying data is available.


    Additional guidance related to ESY eligibility and services can be found by calling our special education department. (907) 452-2000 ext 11445   


    Summer Learning Camp


    Student days:

    • June 6-9
    • June 13-16
    • June 20-23
    • June 27-30 


    Denali Elementary Hours:  8:30-12:30 (staff hours 8:00-1:00) Denail Phone Number: 907-452-2456

    Summer Learning Camp is intended to serve students with IEPs who do not qualify for ESY/TESY and are in grades 1-8. This camp will focus on project-based learning activities designed to develop literacy and math skills with supports for social emotional, behavioral, communication and motor needs.


    Secondary Transition Camp


    Transition Camp is offered in partnership with SERRC to provide students in grades 9-12 dedicated time to learning skills and techniques to assist them as they transition from school to life. Activities will focus on employment, post-secondary education and training as well as independent living skills. This camp will take place in the Transitional Extended School Year (TESY) at the Tanana Middle Location off of Trainor Gate Road.


    Credit Recovery


    For special education students in grade 9-12 who are in need of credit recovery. This program will be staffed by general staff and supported by special education staff. Tanana Middle or CEC will house this program depending upon grade level. Please contact your student's case manager for more information.


    July Program


    Ready to Learn Camp

    This program will focus on students transitioning from a special education preschool program into Kindergarten as well as students in special education currently in kindergarten. The program will support learning to learn and school readiness skills. Denali Elementary will be the home for this program. Please contact your student's case manager for more information.

    Ready to Learn Camp

    • Denali Elementary School
    • Monday through Thursday, students: 8:30-12:30
    • July 11, 2022 - July 29, 2022
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