• Summer Course Options for 8th Graders going to High School


    Online Credit Acceleration - Summer school exists to help students accelerate their learning outside of the traditional school year. This is available to our students through online courses. An FNSBSD teacher will be available to support and assist students who are taking acceleration classes, as well as a district teacher who will be grading and providing feedback. eLearning courses are rigorous online courses that require dedication and determination to be successful.  These semester long (18 week) courses must be completed in the 7 weeks allocated for summer school. Select courses will be offered through APEX, Fuel Ed or Google Classroom and are taught by a certified district teacher.  The list of courses is available here Summer School Course Options.


    • No cost; up to 1 courses only in summer.
    • Class dates are June 1  - July 2. Registration deadline is May 20.
    • Orientation is required before beginning classes. It will be held online.  Once enrolled, students will be sent an email to your FNSBSD student account with orientation information.  Scheduled dates for orientation are as follows: 
      • May 26:  2pm - 3pm
      • May 27:  11am - 12pm
      • May 28:  3pm - 4pm
    • All work must be completed by July 2, 2021.
    • Students must have access to wifi throughout summer school in order to access their classes.
    • Students must be entering grades 9 - 12 to register for classes. 


    • An online enrollment form is available here: Enrollment in credit acceleration is due by May 20. Summer school is free to current FNSBSD students.  

    eLab Support/Hours:

    • An eLab Facilitator will be available to assist with questions, unlocking tests, and allowing forward progress from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, Monday through Thursday, June 1 - July 2, 2021


    • All tests and exams for eLearning courses will be taken at home during this time.
    • The student should plan on working in their course(s) for at least an hour on a daily basis. 
    • Students must progress through the course in numerical unit order.  


    • Students may withdraw without penalty with a “W” if they contact Marie Laukhuf at 907 452 2000 x11236  by June 9.
    • Students who withdraw after June 9 will receive a “WF” for the course.  This will be recorded on the high school transcripts.
    • ACTIVITIES ELIGIBILITY - District approved summer school courses, when completed by July 15, 2021, will be calculated with the spring semester grades when determining eligibility for the first quarter activities for the following school year. The re-calculation of the student's GPA and determination of eligibility status shall occur immediately upon receipt by the district of documented final grades.  The effects of retake courses and calculation of GPA shall be done according to FNSBSD Admin. Regulation 974.1.    retake courses and calculation of GPA shall be done according to FNSBSD Admin. Regulation 974.1.         


Last Modified on May 4, 2021