Translation Resources

  • Free online translation resources


    Microsoft Translate - downloadable App (Android and iPhone/iPad/Apple Watch) and translation feature within Microsoft Word

    • For Translate App, go to The Translate App has voice recognition and can translate spoken language.
    • To use the translation feature in Microsoft Word, open a word document with the text you would like to translate. Click the Review tab, then select the Translate button. Follow the directions in the Translator panel (opens to the right of your document) to either translate a section or the whole document. Translations are available in over 60 languages. Bilingual ELL Program staff tested this feature in Microsoft Word and agreed that Microsoft Translate produces very good translations in all languages tested. Step by step instructions can be found here.

    Translate Button


    Google Translate - downloadable App (Android and iPhone) and translation on website

    • For Google Translate App, go to Google PlayStore or Apple AppStore.
    • You can also translate text by going to and following directions to have your text translated.


    School district provided interpreting/translating


    Language Interpreters

    Language Interpreters (in a limited number of languages and as feasible) are available by reservation for support with school-home communication. Language Interpreters may also be requested to support students who are at the beginning level in English proficiency. Contact your school's ELL Program staff or ELL Program office to request school district Language Interpreter support. Bilingual ELL Program staff may also help with interpreting and translation needs.


    Language Line

    FNSBSD subscribes to Language Line translation and interpreting services. Language Line over-the-phone interpretation service may be used for school-parent communication and parent-teacher meetings when a district Language Interpreter is not available. Principals, counselors, and teachers can request information on how to connect to Language Line from the ELL Program Office. 


    Document Translations

    If you would need to have a school district document (for example, an IEP) translated into a certain language, you can send a request to the ELL Program Office. If we have staff fluent in the target language available, the translation will be completed in-district (turn around time 1-3 business days). For less common languages, we may need to send the translation request to an outside translation service which will take approximately 7 business days to complete (depending on the length of the document to be translated).


    School District Forms

    School district forms have been translated into several languages common in our district. You can find them on page Documents, Forms and Translations

Last Modified on April 14, 2020