• We have been learning CODING in the library all year long.  Here is how to access your individual Course so you can continue at home!!!


Coding at the Library!!

  • We have been working on Coding this year at Two Rivers School.  All of the students have COURSES that they are working on with  It is a fun and engaging activity!!!  

    If you or your student is in 3rd - 8th Grade, please check your Google Classroom.  Your sign-in information has been sent to you there.  (If you have not Accepted you Coding Classroom, you will need to do so before you can access that information.)  If for some reason it is not there or you can't log on, email me through the Google Classroom or at

    If you or your student is in 1st or 2nd Grade, email me for your sign-in insturctions at

    If you or your student is in Kindergarten, we have been working as a group.  Please email me for more information.

Last Modified on March 31, 2020