Nutrition Services

  • The school district is making every effort to help ensure that ALL children (ages 18 and under) are fed while schools are closed. Breakfast and lunch are available for pick up Monday through Friday for any child, through a federally-funded program.

    Meals are free for all children. This program is for children only, so we cannot serve adults.

    • Children can take a breakfast and/or lunch.

    • Breakfast will contain an entrée, fruit, and milk. Lunch will contain an entrée, vegetable and/or fruit, and milk.

    • Meals will be served cold; heating instructions are included.

    • All meal distribution sites run out of yellow school buses. Food is distributed in front of school buses, NOT inside any buildings.

    • Staff are practicing social distancing and ask for everyone to do their best to listen to the instructions given by on site staff.  Our goal is that a parent/student will walk up to a table set up in front of the bus. The staff will ask what they want and then will place the meals requested on the table. Then the staff will step back and the parent/student will grab the meal and walk away. This way we try to maintain 6ft distance from staff and parent/student.

    Students should bring bags or boxes to help carry out food.

    *NEW* Check out the interactive map showing all active meal distribution sites!

    Monday - Friday food pick up locations are:

If Student Cannot Be Present

  • Parents/Guardians are able to pick up meals without the presence of the child. However, you will need to call Nutrition Services at (907) 451-1004 the day before pick up so we can confirm you are the parent/guardian. Be prepared to show a photo ID and share your child’s name and student ID number at the pickup location.

Food Allergies

  • If your child has a documented allergy on file with Nutrition Services and you wish for accommodations, please email Nutrition Services at by 2:00 PM the day before pick up to ensure availability.  We need to know your child’s name, student ID number, what meals wanted (breakfast and/or lunch), and which pick up location.

Free & Reduced Lunch

  • Nutrition Services recommends families in need fill out the 2019-20 Free & Reduced Lunch application now. This will help ensure your student receives free or reduced meals for the first 30 days of the 2020-21 school year.


    • Anderson Elementary
    • Anne Wien Elementary
    • Arctic Light Elementary
    • Barnette Magnet
    • Denali Elementary
    • Hunter Elementary
    • Joy Elementary
    • Lathrop High
    • Midnight Sun Elementary [Hours extended to 12pm]
    • Nordale Elementary
    • North Pole Elementary [Hours extended to 12pm]
    • North Pole Library
    • Pearl Creek Elementary
    • Salcha Elementary
    • Star of the North
    • Tanana Middle
    • Ticasuk Brown Elementary
    • Two Rivers K-8
    • University Park Elementary
    • Watershed Charter
    • Weller Elementary
    • West Valley Plaza (NEW)
    • Woodriver Elementary


    • 7th Day Adventist Church
    • Boreal Sun Charter (NEW)
    • Fox General Store
    • Ester Gas Station
    • Jillian Square
    • Justa Store 
    • Lakeview Terrace Office
    • Laree’s (10 mile CHSR)
    • Last Frontier Community Center
    • McPeak’s
    • Monroe Catholic School
    • Moose Creek Bus Barn
    • North Pole Safeway (NEW)
    • Pleasant Valley Store
    • Salcha Store
    • Sophie’s Plaza
    • Sourdough on Farmer’s Loop
    • True North Church 
    • Vallata
    • Yak Estates

Reheating Instructions

  • Microwave, From Thawed

  • Oven, From Thawed

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What meals can my child receive?

  • What does a meal consist of?

  • Will the meals be hot?

  • Who can receive meals?

  • Does my child have to pick up meals at his/her school of attendance?

  • I am watching children who I am not the parent/guardian of. How can I get meals for them?

  • My children cannot get to a distribution location but I can pick it up on my lunch hour and take it to them. Can I do that?

  • We normally have to pay for meals. What do we have to pay for this?

  • My child has a documented allergy on file with Nutrition Services. How will his/her allergy be accommodated?