Team Optimizing Project (TOP)

  • A pro-active approach to leadership and workforce engagement that will strengthen your work environment and increase employee retention and success.


    Why TOP?

    • Because your employees are your greatest resource.
    • Because improving employees' success will improve your success.
    • Because retaining employees and developing their skills are better strategies than replacing employees.
    • Because teacher turnover is too high and job fair recruitment is expensive and problematic. 


    TOP's Commitment

    To engage clients in a research-based, data-driven systems approach that increases organizational clarity, leadership focus, and workforce success. 


    Scope of Services

    TOP's scope of services maximizes workforce success by...

    • Partnering with district leaders to develop surveys tailored to school district priorities
    • Conducting third-party confidential surveys to track employee experiences and perceptions.
    • Developing data and narrative reports for each survey.
    • Developing tailored reports as requested to gain a better understanding of sub-group experiences and perceptions. 
    • Consulting with school district leaders regarding results for each survey.
    • Delivering on-site professional development for administrators, school board, teachers, and other employee groups based on survey results.
    • Providing end-of-year summative reports and administrative debriefs for each employee group surveyed.


    TOP is a service provided by Adams Analytic Solutions and JSC Consulting, LLC. Services are available to all school districts and include options for certified and classified staff.


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    Traits of successful organizations


    • Sense of security
    • Constructive relationships
    • Mutual trust between leaders and employees
    • Confidence in the professional environment
    • Respectful behavior


    Superintendent Insights


    "It allows us to collect data that no other survey tool has collected. Prior to this year our surveys and other methods of collecting data provided only anecdotal information. As a result of participating in this pilot study, we now have quantitive and qualitative data to make our decisions. I consider that as bring very impressive." -Shawn Arnold, Former Superintendent, Nome Public Schools

     "It gives me information on many different levels. For example, an overview of facilities district-wide, housing district-wide, teachers embracing and feeling confident with the professional development offered or not, teachers' understand and use the curriculum. This overview highlighted what needed to be worked on and what was going well in relation to departments." -Dr, Annmarie O'Brien, Superintendent, Northwest Arctic Borough School District

    "The written reports and facilitation process that you employed resulted in conversations that helped us reflect on data and feedback in a way that challenges and supported us to take action based on what we were learning. It's hard to really ignore collective data when you've made a commitment to be focused on strengthening your workforce.

    The presentations you as consultants provided for the board were really important. Some members of the board referred back to it throughout the year as a focus area. Because of the board's interest, I've places survey results on the agenda to continue to discuss staff retention with them." -Scott MacManus, Superintendent, Alaska Gateway School District

Last Modified on January 17, 2020