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    For assistance, email: support@motionconnected.com


    Move More with Motion Connected
    Goal: Highest daily average steps.
    Duration: 30 days, 4/1/2020 - 4/30/2020
    April is Move More Month so what better way to celebrate than with your Motion Connected family! This is a system-wide challenge that we are inviting all Motion Connected organizations to join. Your organization will work together as a team and compete against other organizations to reach the highest amount of daily average steps.

    Click the link to join then select your organization from the list.

    Good luck to all!
    If link doesn’t work, login to your account and copy and paste the following code into the challenge code box: c909e9675a63074fc9813f3259021aa404ec
    This invitation is good for 15 days.
    Have fun and good luck!


  • ComPsych® GuidanceResources® offers district employees a no-cost, confidential solution during life's challenging moments.  

    • Confidential Emotional Support
    • Legal Guidance
    • Financial Resources

    Services are available 24/7 to a Guidance Consultant SM, who can answer your questions, and if needed, refer you to a counselor or other resources.

    • Call: 877.533.2363
    • TDD: 800.697.0353
    • Online Support: guidanceresources.com
      • App: GuidanceResources® Now
      • Web ID: MY5848i

    More information:

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Last Modified on April 1, 2020