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    The Academic Policy Committee supervises the academic operation of the Charter School and ensures the fulfillment of the mission and specific levels of achievement for the educational program of Discovery Peak. It is responsible for overseeing the mission and vision of Discovery Peak and provides an important link between the school and the community. The APC also acts as a trustee for public and private funds provided in support of the School.

    The Discovery Peak Academic Policy Committee membership is made up of dedicated individuals who have worked to bring the vision of Discovery Peak Charter to a reality.  Membership includes the following individuals:


    Shannon Trizzino-President, Teacher, & Parent

    Kristine Rosevear-Vice President, Teacher, & Parent

    Sandy Boyle Evans-Treasurer & Community Member

    Loreta Thomas-Secretary & Parent

    Rosalee Edwards-Teacher & Parent

    Tami Chiarell-DPCS Staff Member

    Susan Currier-Parent

    Heather Jorgensen-Parent

    William Sam-Parent




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Last Modified on December 1, 2021