Educational & Academic Goals

    • Communication – Be able to express ideas clearly through verbal and written communication. 

    • Literacy – Read, decode, comprehend, synthesize and analyze, critique and reflect upon numeric and written information gathered from a variety of sources. 

    • Technology – Be capable of and comfortable with manipulating instruments of technology, math, and science. 

    • Interdisciplinary Learning – Connect ideas between and among all disciplines and subjects inside and outside of the classroom. 

    • Critical Thinking – See and understand the relationships of different types of knowledge and how to use them to solve current and future learning dilemmas. 

    • Physical Activity - Engage in intentional movement-based activities that correlate with curricular learning objectives as well as additional physical activity outside of organized sports and structured physical education environments. 

    • Community - Become ethical and compassionate stewards of their community.


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Last Modified on July 26, 2023